Copper anode in a X-rays generator.

x-rays, electromagnetic radiation beyond the remote ultraviolet ray, cover a range wavelength around the tenth of nanometer. This distance is about the distance between atoms in the condensed matter. The diffraction of x-rays thus makes it possible to probe the matter, and to obtain information on the structure, the order and the composition of materials.  
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MOMAC (Molybdenum for Condensed Matter)
MOMAC (Molybdenum for Condensed Matter) Momac is a Wide Angle X-Ray Scattering experiment, issue of a collaboration between CEA-LIONS and LPS-Orsay. The experiment is based on LPS-Orsay. LPS team is in charge of the X-ray generator, and LIONS team is in charge of the WAXS experiment. Funding was provided by the Triangle de la Physique in 2010. The experiment is open for the academic SAXS users of the RTRA, or industrial partnership. Beam time can be asked to Olivier TACHE (LIONS).
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X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) The EA 125 HR is a dedicated high performance hemispherical electron spectrometer combining ultimate resolution and high count rate.Besides, a multi-technique x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy with XPS-mapping capability (Kratos) installed in SPCSI is accessible.  
N. Métrich, J. Susini*, E. Foy, D. Massare, F. Farges **, L. Sylla, S. Lequien, M. Bonnin-Mosbah+
ΣΞIron and sulfur may be considered as the couple of elements buffering the redox state of magmas during their ascent from Earth’s mantle to the surface.
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08 mars 2008
J. Pignat, J. Daillant, S. Cantin, F. Perrot, O. Konovalov
ESRF Highlights 2007 Langmuir films of long chain amphiphiles at the air-water interface present different phases depending on temperature and surface pressure (the difference between the surface tension of pure water and the actual surface tension in presence of the film = H20– ). Their phase transitions were first identified by isotherm measurements (surface pressure as a function of molecular area for a fixed temperature).


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