Neutron Spin Precession Spectroscopy
Characterization of micro-magnetic thick film structures by neutron spin precession
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Spin precession for thick film studies.

Spin precession for the study of 1 dimensionnal micromagnetic structures


We have developed new spin precession techniques for the study of micro-magnetic structures. The technique requires basically a polarized neutron reflectometer with polarization analysis. Such equipement is readily available in most neutron centers.

We have developed several experimental setup to produce neutron beams with sizes in the range 1-50µm.


Shaping micron-sized cold neutron beams
F. Ott, S. Kozhevnikov, A. Thiaville, NIMA 788   (2015) 29-34.

System of neutron microbeams from a planar waveguide.
S.V.  Kozhevnikov, V.K. Ignatovich, Yu. Nikitenko  et al. JETP LETTERS  102   (2015) 1-6 .



Links to pieces of software


A Matlab library for the calculation of the precession of neutron beams is available here


Examples of use


Generation of field maps

Magnetic induction field maps can be generated which include both the internal magnetization, the stray fields generated outside the magnetic object and the applied magnetic field

Calculation of adiabaticity maps

The corresponding adiabaticity maps can be plotted  to evaluate the sensitivity regions and make sure that not depolarization occurs

Precession maps

It is possible to plot the precession scan maps for various magnetic configurations and applied magnetic field. The wavelength resolution spread together with the spatial resolution can be included.


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23 octobre 2019
N. Martin, I. Mirebeau, C. Franz, G. Chaboussant, L. N. Fomicheva, and A. V. Tsvyashchenko We study the helimagnetic ground state of the MnGe cubic alloy using small-angle neutron scattering and a high-resolution method, the so-called MIEZE spectroscopy. Upon cooling below the Néel temperature TN = 170(5) K, we observe the proliferation of long-wavelength gapless spin fluctuations, concomitant with a continuous evolution of the helical correlation length.


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