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	title = {Bridge function for the dipolar fluid from simulation},
	volume = {136},
	issn = {0021-9606},
	doi = {10.1063/1.4703899},
	abstract = {The exact bridge function of the Lennard-Jones dipolar (Stockmayer) fluid is extracted from Monte Carlo simulation data. The projections g(mnl)(r) onto rotational invariants of the non-spherically symmetric pair distribution function g(r, Omega) are accumulated during simulation. Making intensive use of anisotropic integral equation techniques, the molecular Ornstein-Zernike equation is then inverted in order to derive the direct correlation function c(mnl)(r), the cavity function y(mnl)(r), the negative excess potential of mean force lny vertical bar(mnl)(r), and the bridge function b(mnl)(r) projections. b(r, Omega) presents strong, non-universal anisotropies at high dipolar coupling. This simulation data analysis may serve as reference and guide for approximated bridge function theories of dipolar fluids and is a valuable step towards the case of more refined, nonlinear water-like geometries. (C) 2012 American Institute of Physics. []},
	number = {15},
	author = {Puibasset, Joel and Belloni, Luc},
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