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	title = {Synthesis of {Ge}-imogolite: influence of the hydrolysis ratio on the structure of the nanotubes},
	volume = {13},
	issn = {1463-9076},
	doi = {10.1039/c1cp20346k},
	abstract = {The synthesis protocol for Ge-imogolite (aluminogermanate nanotubes) consists of 3 main steps: base hydrolysis of a solution of aluminum and germanium monomers, stabilization of the suspension and heating at 95 degrees C. The successful synthesis of these nanotubes was found to be sensitive to the hydrolysis step. The impact of the hydrolysis ratio (from n(OH)/n(Al) = 0.5 to 3) on the final product structure was examined using a combination of characterization tools. Thus, key hydrolysis ratios were identified: n(OH)/n(Al) = 1.5 for the formation of nanotubes with structural defects, n(OH)/n(Al) = 2 for the synthesis of a well crystallized Ge imogolite and n(OH)/n(Al) {\textbackslash}textgreater 2.5 where nanotube formation is hindered. The capability of controlling the degree of the nanotube's crystallinity opens up interesting opportunities in regard to new potential applications.},
	number = {32},
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