Bibtex entry: Growth and Overgrowth of Concentrated Gold Nanorods: Time Resolved SAXS and XANES in biblio-lions.bib
	title = {Growth and {Overgrowth} of {Concentrated} {Gold} {Nanorods}: {Time} {Resolved} {SAXS} and {XANES}},
	volume = {12},
	issn = {1528-7483},
	doi = {10.1021/cg2016116},
	abstract = {The growth of gold nanorods has been followed by small angle X-ray scattering and X-ray absorption. The synthesis is performed at high concentration of 3.5 mM in gold using in situ generation of seeds. It is shown that the growth occurs at constant number density of nanoparticles after the initial nucleation of seeds and that the final step of reduction of Au(I) to Au(0) occurs only at the surface of the growing nanorods. Anisotropy is acquired during the growth with a ratio of longitudinal to basal growth rates measured at 12. The final aspect ratio is only limited by the available amount of material and the experiment of overgrowth was allowed to reach a final aspect ratio of 5 instead of the initial 3.6.},
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