Bibtex entry: Surfactant (Bi)Layers on Gold Nanorods in biblio-lions.bib
	title = {Surfactant ({Bi}){Layers} on {Gold} {Nanorods}},
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	doi = {10.1021/la203451p},
	abstract = {Gold nanorods in aqueous solution are generally surrounded by surfactants or capping agents. This is crucial for anisotropic growth during synthesis and for their final stability in solution. When CTAB is used, a bilayer has been evidenced from analytical methods even though no direct morphological characterization of the precise thickness and compactness has been reported. The type of surfactant layer is also relevant to understand the marked difference in further self-assembling properties of gold nanorods as experienced using 16-EO(1)-16 gemini surfactant instead of CTAB. To obtain a direct measure of the thickness of the surfactant layer on gold nanorods synthesized by the seeded growth method, we coupled TEM, SAXS, and SANS experiments for the two different cases, CTAB and gemini 16-EO(1)-16. Despite the strong residual signal from micelles in excess, it can be concluded that the thickness is imposed by the chain length of the surfactant and corresponds to a bilayer with partial interdigitation.},
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