Bibtex entry: Seebeck effect in electrolytes in biblio-lions.bib
	title = {Seebeck effect in electrolytes},
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	doi = {10.1103/PhysRevE.86.011505},
	abstract = {We study Seebeck effect in liquid electrolytes, starting from its simple neutral analog-thermodiffusion (so-called Ludwig-Soret or Soret effect). It is observed that when two or more subsystems of mobile particles are subjected to the temperature gradient, various types of them respond to it differently. In the case when these fractions, with different mobility parameters (Soret coefficients), are oppositely charged (a case typical for electrolytes), the nonhomogeneous internal electric field is generated. The latter field prevents these fractions from space separation and determines the intensity of the appearing Seebeck effect.},
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