Bibtex entry: Manufactured metal and metal-oxide nanoparticles: Properties and perturbing mechanisms of their biological activity in ecosystems in biblio-lions.bib
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	abstract = {The inorganic manufactured nanoparticles as TiO(2), Ag degrees, the iron oxides and CeO(2) are more and more present in various manufactured products and in the aqueous media (TiO(2)). Their dispersion in the ecosystems during their life cycle will be associated with interactions with biota (plants, bacteria, fishes). The present work shows strong relations between particular physical chemical properties of very small nanoparticles (size {\textbackslash}textless 30 nm) and biological activity perturbations. It is shown that Ag degrees and CeO(2) act at very low concentrations. TiO(2) act via the ROS production due to their photo-reactivity. (C) 2011 Academie des sciences. Published by Elsevier Masson SAS. All rights reserved.},
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