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Microfluidic Study of bioleaching processes for metal recycling commonly found in printed circuit boards

Contact: Gabriel Jean-Christophe, ,, +33 6 76 04 35 59
This project is based on the study of bioleaching processes involved in the recycling of metals found in printed circuit boards (smartphones, laptops, etc.). During this internship, it will be proposed to take control of the current microfluidic platform, on which liquid-liquid extraction processes are tested. The aim will be to integrate the tools and instruments needed to monitor the experimental parameters related to bioleaching processes on the existing platform.
Possibility of continuation in PhD: Oui
Deadline for application:01/02/2023

Full description:
CEA offers an internship in chemistry and biochemical engineering aimed at setting up a functional microfluidic pilot and determining its operating parameters. This work could lead to a very significant intensification (acceleration) of the processes and deserves to be exploited in several aspects.

Successful candidates will be in charge of:
(i) take control of the microfluidic platform fully instrumented and controlled by Python software
(ii) carry out a bibliographic research on existing bioleaching processes, targeting in particular the recycling of metals present in printed circuits
(iii) think about and set up experimental protocols related to bioleaching processes
(iv) implement new sensors on the current platform for the implementation of these biochemical processes

Context and collaboration:
This work will be carried out on the CEA site in Saclay. The candidate will benefit from a very rich multidisciplinary and international environment within the CEA/LICSEN, group of JC Gabriel.
Successful candidates will have access to numerous experimental platforms and characterization methods at CEA Saclay. These internships are therefore excellent opportunities to broaden your knowledge, know-how and your value on the job market.

Key Qualifications:
- The successful candidate comes from relevant studies for this position, e.g. Master's degree or engineering school in chemistry, or (bio)chemical engineering. A background in microbiology is a plus.
- Python and CAD language skills (Solidwork or other for 3D printing) recommended.
- A rigorous attitude, oriented towards obtaining results, structured work and team spirit are absolutely necessary. In addition, we are looking for a creative profile and integration skills.
Technics/methods used during the internship:
Microfluidics, Xray fluorescence, FTIR, 3D printing, extraction, cellular culture

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