CEA Research Associate
Expert at CEA in the field of Solid State Chemistry and Ion Beam Analysis

Nanosciences et Innovation pour les Matériaux, la Biomédecine et l'Énergie) UMR 3685 CEA-CNRS – NIMBE
Laboratoire Edifices Nanométriques – LEDNA

(  +33 1 69 08 69 16
+ UMR 3685 NIMBE CEA – CNRS / Université Paris-Saclay, DRF / IRAMIS / NIMBE / LEDNA, 
Bâtiment 522 P-209 91191 Gif-Sur-Yvette Cedex

Positions / Education  

Technical skills

GOAL: Synthesis and characterizations of material for energy applications

Synthesis methods

Usual characterizations

Spectroscopic techniques

Ion beam analysis


Bibliometric data

Since 2003 (date of my PhD), I have co-authored 53 articles in peer-reviewed journals and 5 proceedings.
As of November 2022, Scopus gives a total citation of 9042 (excluding self-citations) and an H-factor of 26.
The list of my peer-reviewed articles is given on the website

Recent peer-review articles

Peer-review articles not referenced in HAL



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