From October 21 till October 27, 2012 will be held at the "Institut d'Etudes Scientifiques de Cargèse" (Corsica) both :
  • the annual meeting of the NanoCTM Network "Nanoelectronics : Concepts, Theory and Modeling". This European Marie Curie Training Network includes nodes of many European countries and aims at working on the theoretical foundations of nanoelectronics. The scientists in charge of its different nodes include C. W. J. Beenakker (Leiden), M. Büttiker (Geneva), B. Bulka (Poznan), J. Cserti (Budapest), S. Evangelou (Ioannina), J. Ferrer (Oviedo), R. Jalabert (Strasbourg), B. Kramer (Bremen), C. J. Lambert (Lancaster), J.-L. Pichard (Saclay), A. Ramsak (Ljubljana), M. Sassetti (Genova), G. Schön (Karlsruhe), F. Sols (Madrid) and D. Weinmann (Strasbourg).
  • a workshop on thermoelectric transport where recent progresses concerning the mesoscopic aspects of thermoelectric conversion and of heat transport will be reviewed.
The two events will be held in parallel. Attendance outside NanoCTM participants is welcome.

Main topics of the NanoCTM annual network meeting

  • quantum coherence and entanglement
  • graphene
  • topological insulators and Majorana Fermions
  • spintronics
  • interaction effects in nanoscale transport
  • molecular electronics

Main topics of the workshop on thermoelectric transport

  • theoretical limits of the thermoelectric efficiency
  • mesoscopic thermopower fluctuations
  • multi-terminal thermoelectric transport
  • quantum Hall effect and thermopower
  • non equilibrium transport and fluctuation-dissipation relations
  • heat transport and phonons
  • quantum heat pumps


Registration deadline : September 20, 2012
Payment deadline : September 28, 2012
Abstract submission deadline : September 14, 2012

Registration fee

The registration fee is 350 euros per participant. It does not include accommodation and meals.