Femtosecond lasers have known during the last decade an impressive development in research labs and are nowadays being used for a growing number of applications.
Laser induced structuring at the surface – or in the bulk of transparent materials – has attracted considerable attention during the last decade, due to the importance of practical applications, and the challenging difficulty to understand the physics involved during and after the interaction.
The aim of this workshop is to bring together, in a collegial atmosphere, the community of researchers working in this field of laser matter interaction for presenting the results of the most recent experimental or theoretical investigations related to laser induced structuring and related subjects.

The topics of the conference cover new developments and current state of the art in laser applications and fundamental research, and include :

Laser Matter interaction: fundamental and applied aspects.
Physical mechanisms of interaction : from electronic excitation to laser machining.  
Micro and nanoscale processing and structuring
Cluster, Nanoparticle and Nanotube Formation
Laser etching, writing, patterning:  micro- and nano-fabrication
laser induced desorption and ablation: mechanism and applications.
Laser deposition of coating and nanostructured materials
Laser-induced phase transformations, melting, crystallization and amorphization.
2D and 3D devices fabrication for photonics or other applications
Comparison with other ionizing sources : electrons, ions, X, VUV….
Theoretical modeling of the interaction : propagation, energy balance, damage and ablation mechanisms, self-organized structuration, …


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