October 22nd to 26th  2012, Paris

The next conference on chemical stereodynamics will be held in Paris from
October 22th through 26th 2012
at the FIAP Jean Monnet Convention Centre (30 rue Cabanis 75014 PARIS, FRANCE)
It will be the XIVth edition, after Santa Cruz (2010), Dalian (2008), Bordeaux (2006) and Osaka (2004).

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Stereodynamics of chemical reactions seeks to unravel the most fundamental aspects of reactions studied at the molecular level, i.e. ; their steric properties. This meeting has gradually evolved from its inception in Jerusalem by Pr R.D.Levine, from the study of elementary, model chemical systems to complex systems, with complexity closer to that of systems of general interest in chemistry or biomimetic systems. Also real time dynamics and control processes are essential in the comprehension of stereodynamics. There are three fundamental aspects in this meeting: collisions and molecular clusters ultrafast dynamics and quantum chemistry.

In the Paris edition, we shall emphasize the time evolution aspects, in order to reach the ultimate character of chemistry, the evolution of electronic distributions through a reaction. Also, a focus will be put on control and biomimetic aspects of stereodynamics and the contribution of quantum chemistry in the description of experimental results.