Journée Dynamique Réactionnelle
Reaction Dynamics day

11 Mai 2015

11 Mai 2015

Schedule / Programme

Speakers / Conférenciers

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09h00-09h30Coffe / Café
09h40-10h20Daniel NeumarkTime-resolved radiation chemistry: dynamics of excess electrons in clusters and liquid jets.
10h30-11h00Fernand SpiegelmanModelling and simulating structural and electronic properties of molecular species trapped in inert environment.
11h05-11h35Coffe Break / Pause café
11h35-12h05Christian Alcaraz Control of internal and translational energy in chemical reactions: the case of N+(3P, 1D), O+(4S, 2D, 2P) and CH3+(v) ions reacting with methane.
12h10-12h40Majdi Hochlaf Photoionisation of DNA bases in gas phase: From the ALS to SOLEIL
12h45-13h45Lunch / déjeuner
13h45-14h15Coffe / Café
14h15-14h55Benny Gerber Unraveling the Mechanisms of Atmospheric Reactions by Quantum Chemistry Combined with Molecular Dynamics
15h05-15h35Ingo Fischer Photodissociation Dynamics of C3H2 Isomers: Experiment versus Simulation
15h40-16h10Coffe Break / Pause café
16h10-16h40Claudine Crépin Molecular Dynamics and Photodynamics in Solid Hydrogen
16h45-17h15Jeremy Frey From Second Harmonic to High Harmonic Imaging
17h20-17h35Lionel Poisson conclusion
17h35-17h50Jean-Michel MestdaghClosing remarks


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