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LUCA’s recent developments

Since its launching in 1993, LUCA has been regularly upgraded. It now includes three sub-systems. The Femto II and Booster subsystems have not been modified since the last scientific council. Femto II provides 50fs, 100mJ pulses at 800nm that can be delivered to 3 experimental areas. Pulses at 400nm with 20mJ energy and 180fs pulse duration are also available. The Booster line has been developed internally. It delivers 10mJ, 45fs pulses at 800nm and is devoted to laser research and development, often in collaboration with industrial partners. It is also used for laser ablation studies in collaboration with the Nuclear Energy Division of CEA.

main characteristics

The Femto I subsystem has been considerably modified since 2006. It now provides 2 lines: the first one delivers GW short pulses for two colour pump probe experiments. The pulse energy is about 1.5mJ at 800nm with 50fs pulse duration. The second to fourth harmonic are also available with typical pulse duration of 100fs and energy up to 300µJ, 200µJ and 6µJ at 400nm, 266nm and 200nm respectively. These pulse energies were doubled in 2007 thanks to an improvement of LUCA’s first amplification stage. The second Femto I line has been added in 2007 to provide more energy to users. It includes two home-made TiS 4 pass amplifiers providing respectively 17mJ and 65mJ at 800nm. After compression, the energy reaches 33mJ per pulse with 50fs duration and high spatial quality (Figure 1). Thanks to this increase in energy, Femto I can accommodate two experiments simultaneously. This new line has also been used to develop the large bandwidth second harmonic generation set-up.

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