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Sujet de stage / Master 2 Internship

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Photochromic material for optical neuromorphic computing

Contact: CHARRA Fabrice, , fabrice.charra@cea.fr, +33 1 69 08 97 22/19 76
The goal of the master project is to characterize the optical-switching capabilities of an azobenzene polymer thin film and assess the feasibility of its implementation as an optical synapse in neuromorphic computing.
Possibility of continuation in PhD: Oui
Deadline for application:20/04/2022

Full description:
The master project is open in the framework of a multidisciplinary project (ANR and NanoSaclay Labex) devoted to exploring the possible input of photochromic materials in neuromorphic optical computing. Beside the "Service de Physique de l'État Condensé" (SPEC, CEA-Saclay, Orme des Merisiers site) the project involves teams from ENS Paris-Saclay for photochromic material development and C2N for implementation into neuronal optical networks. The goal of the master project is to characterize the photophysical and optical-switching characteristics of a thin-films based on a commercial photochromic polymer. The material will be implemented in a model artificial optical synapse for the weighted connection of two optical neurons.

The main duties of the master project are:
- Processing of photochromic polymer thin-film.
- Characterization of transient photoinduced index changes in the polymer film.
- AFM analysis of photoinduced patterns formed on the polymer surface.

These data will permit the design of an optimized configuration for a light-controlled optical interconnection (model optical synapse) between two IR microlasers (model optical neurons). The master project will be conducted in close collaboration with the partners of the research program and will be followed by a 3-years thesis with funding secured by ANR.
Technics/methods used during the internship:
Laser microspectroscopy, Atomic-Force Microscopy (AFM), Spin-coating of polymer thin films.

Tutor of the internship


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