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Sujet de stage / Master 2 Internship

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Ecological cements and glassy structure of pozzolans

Contact: de NOIRFONTAINE Marie-Noelle, , marie-noelle.de-noirfontaine@polytechnique.edu, +33 1 69 33 44 83
The contribution of the cement sector to CO2 emissions is in the order of 5 to 7%. This is linked to the high temperature firing process (1450°C) and the thermal decarbonation of limestone, which leads to the formation of clinker. Reducing the environmental footprint of cements is thus the major challenge for the cement industry over the next 5 years. Besides the engineering works of the cement process, the most immediate way consists in substituting the clinker by silico-aluminous matrices more or less rich in calcium, without reducing the mechanical performances.
The objective of the internship is, from an appropriate sampling of volcanic and sedimentary pozzolans, blast furnace slags, silico-aluminous fly ashes, calcic fly ashes and more or less calcic siliceous fumes, to measure the position of the maximum of the diffusion halo of these glassy materials and its evolution according to the chemistry. This structural characteristic obtained from the X-ray diffraction measurements could be correlated with the reactivity properties. These elements could be useful for the selection and predictive control of materials. They could also be used for the identification of the nature of the constituents in cements.
Possibility of continuation in PhD: Oui
Deadline for application:29/04/2022

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