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Sujet de stage / Master 2 Internship

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Evaluation of the carbon nanotube content in a matrix by magnetic susceptibility measurement

Contact: PANNETIER-LECOEUR Myriam, , myriam.pannetier-lecoeur@cea.fr, +33 1 69 08 74 10
The aim of the internship is to measure carbon nanotube contents in matrices (cements, polymers) using a magnetic susceptibility detection technique.
Possibility of continuation in PhD: Non
Deadline for application:01/04/2022

Full description:
In order to improve the mechanical or electrical performance of certain materials (cements or polymers), the insertion of carbonaceous fillers such as carbon nanotubes (CNTs) can be used. It is then useful to determine the exact content of the different samples obtained. To avoid imaging methods by microscopy (requiring a preparation of the sample and bringing only a very local information), it is useful to develop another physical analysis method.

The measurement of magnetic susceptibility allows access to this content thanks to the removal of iron-based particles bound to CNTs by their manufacturing process (catalyst) [1]. The signature in the susceptibility allows a fast and non-invasive quantitative measurement. A specific compact device has been developed in the laboratory.

The internship will consist in measuring with this device the susceptibility of different samples in different matrices to know the CNT content. It will also be possible to evaluate the possibility of doing mapping on samples with locally varying content. This internship is in collaboration with DRF/IRAMIS/NIMBE within CEA.

[1] One-step synthesis of highly pure and well-crystallized vertically aligned carbon nanotubes
E. Charon, M. Pinault, M. Mayne-L'Hermite et C. Reynaud, Carbon 173 (2021) 758-768.
Technics/methods used during the internship:
Magnetic susceptibility measurement.

Tutor of the internship
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