Chemistry under confinement, reactivity at the nanoscale

An in situ analysis stragtegy


Nanosciences for low-carbon energies, health technologies or radiation-matter interaction is essentillay the science of interfaces; the place where molecules or nanoparticles exchange energy and undergo chemical reactions. Tailoring the structure at this relevant scale enable significant modifications compared to the bulk behaviour or even trigger nanospecific properties.

Research strategy

We study the transfers through these interfaces (transfer kinetics of water-oil relevant for the treatment of waste) or kinetically formed structures by interfaces assemblies (phase separations of block copolymers or concentrated solutions of polymers). The new sources of energy transformation (thermoelectricity, photovoltaic) require also the best control of the transfer of (often charged) species to the interfaces. Finally the mastery of processes for the development and assembly of microfluidic components, will find many applications, like drugs production, thermoelectricity, heat recovery, ...