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Nanosciences et Innovation pour les Matériaux, la Biomédecine et l'Énergie (NIMBE)
Laboratoire Edifices Nanométriques

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Research Director in the field of nanomaterials for energy-related applications

  • Nanoscale structuring of diamond material through innovative MPCVD processes
  • Surface chemistry engineering of diamond nanostructures and nanoparticles
  • Understanding of interfacial mechanisms and colloidal behavior of diamond nanoparticles
  • Investigation of light-matter interactions with diamond nanoparticles


Research experience


Since September 2020 CEA Research scientist

Nanometric Structures Lab

CEA NIMBE, UMR CEA-CNRS, Fundamental Research Division, Paris-Saclay Center


Engineer - Researcher in the field of nanomaterials for energy / synthesis and functionalization of diamond nanoparticles and nanostructures
June 2010-August 2020 CEA Research scientist

Diamond Sensors Lab

CEA LIST , Technological Research Division, Paris-Saclay Center

Engineer-Researcher in the field of materials for sensors and biotechnologies / development of devices and sensitive layers based on bulk diamond or diamond (nano)particles
2009-2010 Post-doc 

Laboratoire de Physique de la Matière Condensée (PMC)

UMR CNRS-Ecole Polytechnique

Development of new functionalization routes based on hydrogenated nanodiamonds 
2008-2009 Post-doc 

Diamond Sensors Lab

CEA LIST , Technological Research Division, Paris-Saclay Center

Development of nanoseeding techniques toward 3D MPCVD growth
2004-2008 PhD Student

Lavoisier Intitute

UMR CNRS-Université de Versailles St Quentin en Yvelines

Electrochemical behavior of boron doped diamond electrodes : role of surface chemistry


2018 Accreditation to Supervise Research Université Paris-Saclay – France
2008 PhD in Material Chemistry Université Versailles - St Quentin en Yvelines – France


Recent and Noteworthy Scientific Publications

List of publications - HAL-portal-CEA

Oxidized Detonation Nanodiamonds Act as an Efficient Metal-Free Photocatalyst to Produce Hydrogen Under Solar Irradiation
Marchal, C; Saoudi, L; Girard, HA; Keller, V; Arnault, JC.  Adv Energy Sustain Res 2023, 2300260,1

Core-shells particles grown in a tubular reactor: Influence of the seeds nature and MPCVD conditions on boron-doped diamond crystalline quality
Henni, K; Njel, C; Frégnaux, M; Aureau, D; Merot, J-S; Fossard, F; Stenger, I; Arnault, J-C; Girard HA. Diam Relat Mater 2024, 142, 110770

Milled Nanodiamonds Overproduce Solvated Electrons while Scavenging Hydroxyl Radicals under Gamma Irradiation
Ducrozet, F; Brun, E; Girard, HA; Arnault, J-C; Sicard-Roselli, C. J Phys Chem C  2023, 127, 19544

Unintentional formation of nitrate and nitrite ions during nanodiamonds sonication: A source of radical and electron scavengers
Ducrozet, F.; Girard, H.A.; Jianu, T.; Peulon, S.; Brun, E.; Sicard-Roselli, C.; Arnault, J.C. Colloids Surfaces A Physicochem. Eng. Asp. 2023, 663, 131087

Colloid stability over months of highly crystalline hydrogenated nanodiamonds in water
Saoudi, L.; Girard, H.A.; Larquet, E.; Arnault, J.-C. . Carbon N. Y. 2023, 202, 438

Early dynamics of the emission of solvated electrons from nanodiamonds in water,
Buchner, F.; Kirschbaum, T.; Venerosy, A.; Girard, H.A.; Arnault, J.C.; Kiendl, B.; Krueger, A.; Larsson, K.; Bande, A.; Petit, T.; et al. Nanoscale 2022, 14, 17188

New Insights into the Reactivity of Detonation Nanodiamonds during the First Stages of Graphitization
Ducrozet, F.; Girard, H.A.; Leroy, J.; Larquet, E.; Florea, I.; Brun, E.; Sicard-Roselli, C.; Arnault, J.-C. Nanomaterials 2021, 11, 2671

Hydrogen plasma treated nanodiamonds lead to an overproduction of hydroxyl radicals and solvated electrons in solution under ionizing radiation
Brun, E.; Girard, H.A.; Arnault, J.; Mermoux, M.; Sicard-Roselli, C. Carbon N. Y. 2020, 162, 510

Delivery of siRNA to Ewing Sarcoma Tumor Xenografted on Mice, Using Hydrogenated Detonation Nanodiamonds: Treatment Efficacy and Tissue Distribution
Claveau, S.; Nehlig, É.; Garcia-Argote, S.; Feuillastre, S.; Pieters, G.; Girard, H.A.; Arnault, J.-C.; Treussart, F.; Bertrand, J.-R. Nanomaterials 2020, 10, 553

Combining nanostructuration with boron doping to alter sub band gap acceptor states in diamond materials.
Choudhury, S.; Kiendl, B.; Ren, J.; Gao, F.; Knittel, P.; Nebel, C.; Venerosy, A.; Girard, H.; Arnault, J.-C.; Krueger, A.; et al. J. Mater. Chem. A 2018, 6, 16645

Using hydrogen isotope incorporation as a tool to unravel the surfaces of hydrogen-treated nanodiamonds.
Nehlig, E.; Garcia-Argote, S.; Feuillastre, S.; Moskura, M.; Charpentier, T.; Schleguel, M.; Girard, H.A.; Arnault, J.-C.; Pieters, G. Nanoscale 2019, 11, 8027


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