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ANNULE / CANCELLED ! - Use of reflectance anisotropic spectroscopy for enhanced sensitivity of LSPR sensors
William Watkins
Thu, Feb. 08th 2018, 11:00-12:00
NIMBE Bat 127, p.26, CEA-Saclay

Localised surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) is a phenomenon occurring in metallic nanoparticles ( e.g. Au, Ag, Pd) as they are exposed to light. The electric field leads to an oscillation of the electron cloud within the particle leading to an absorption of light at a specific wavelength. The LSPR spectrum is dependent on the dielectric function of the material, the shape of the particle as well as the dielectric function of its surroundings. Changing any parameter leads to a shift of the LSPR spectrum making it ideal for sensing applications. During this talk, I shall present a general overview of plasmonic sensing and discuss how anisotropic nanoparticles can be used to enhanced the sensitivity by looking into the interaction of H2 with Au and Pd. Likewise how generating anisotropy could make LSPR nanoparticles potentially interesting for strain gauges.

Contact : Corinne CHEVALLARD


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