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Soft thermoplastics materials for advanced microfluidics R&D and applications
Emmanuel Roy
CEO Eden Microfluidics
Thu, Jan. 18th 2018, 11:00-12:00
NIMBE Bat 127, p.26, CEA-Saclay

Microfluidics since two decades has impressively penetrated the field of molecular POC devices and is now revolutionizing in combination with cellular biology both pharmaceutical and medical areas with organ-on-chip, human-chip and others artificial organ technologies. Eden Microfluidics, young start-up company located in Paris and member of the NBIC Valley specialized in advanced design solution and innovative polymers solutions for microfluidic is pleased to present an overview of last clinical POC systems (CD Lab, and others) and to report on the technical stakes related to cellularized microfluidic systems. Eden microfluidics will present its newly industrialized FlexdymTM soft thermoplastics solution : a soft (as PDMS) and transparent UPS Class VI biocompatible material. FlexdymTM features unique rheological and tack properties providing ultra-fast (30s) and inexpensive microfabrication performance in order to propel and initiate new R&D challenges, and also room-temperature to low-temperature bonding capabilities for the greater benefits of biological integration among others.

Contact : Corinne CHEVALLARD


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