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Nanostructures for Health and Energy Applications, Conventional and Beta Decay Spin Spectroscopy Investigations
Khashayar Ghandi (President of the international society for muon spectroscopy) -
Mount Allison University, Canada
Fri, Jul. 01st 2016, 11:00-12:00
NIMBE Bât 546, p.21, CEA-Saclay

The innovation in the applications of nanomaterials has brought a rapid growth of nanotechnologies for energy production and health applications. Nanotechnology for alternative energy and health applications is a multifaceted research that crosses many disciplines and involves basic science at the microscopic level to applied science and engineering at large scale with industrial collaboration. Results from different investigations, on both applications and microscopic characterization using beta decayed spectroscopy, will be presented and discussed.

Contact : Corinne CHEVALLARD


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