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Journée Jeunes chercheurs du LLB : 7 juillet 2023  
Fri, Jul. 7th, 2023 09:00, Fri, Jul. 7th, 2023 17:01

Journée des Jeunes Chercheurs du LLB


Heure First Name/Last Name TITLE
  Chairwoman: Christelle SAADE  
  Florian Turband Interaction of the Hfq protein with the bacterial membrane and functionnal consequences on RNA export
  Manon Pépin Convection dans des systèmes colloïdaux modèles
  Hugo Remise-Charlot Visualisation of convection in colloidal dispersions using a thermal camera
  Max Warburton Evidence of long range correlation at the liquid/solid interface
  Cecile Rerzki-Verite New ultra-stretchable physical hydrogels doped with cubosomes decorated with clay
10h30 Pause  
11h00 Chairman: Qiang Zhang  
  Christelle Saade Structural study of mouse TSPO membrane protein in different amphiphilic environments
  Tiago Outerelo Corvo Confinement effect on poly(ionic liquid) interfacial structure
  Lise Isnel Probin molecular interactions involved in sickle cell disease by SAXS and PFG-NMR
  William Liege Looking for current loops in cuprates
12h30 Repas  
14h00 Chairwoman: Ouiame Haimoud  
  Mariano Andrés Paulin Le réflectomètre HERMES sur la JULIC Neutron Platform au Forschungszentrum Jülich
  Demortier Olivier Thermal conductivity of terbium based compound
  Maëva Almeida Decorating tunable structures with PEG
  Zorana Jovanovic Starch and beta-lactoglobulin based hydrogels as potential matrices for C-phycocyanin preservation
  Mathieu Loriot High-entropy garnets for enhanced magnetocaloric effect
15h45 Pause  
16h15 Chairman: Olivier Demortier  
  Aicha / Jani Les propriétés dynamiques d'électrolytes doncentrés / Transport properties of highly concentrated electrolytes
  Qiang Zhang Cellulose chain conformation in ionic liquid.
  Ouiame Haimoud Floating zone technique: a pathway to pure crystals
  Antoine Roll Multipolar interactions and low energy spin dynamics in Tb2Ti2O7 (again)


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