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Release of Mantid: 6.0.0  


New 6.0.0 version of Mantid.

This is the first release only featuring MantidWorkbench. MantidPlot is no longer included. If you need access to MantidPlot then previous versions can be accessed at our archives page. This release welcomes some minor features to make Workbench feature complete, including migrating the Step Scan interface and allowing control of InstrumentViewer from Python.

Other highlights include:

  • ISIS Reflectometry allows runs to be excluded or annotated
  • Further plot settings, including tick customisation and axis autoscaling
  • Upgraded support for ILL instruments D1B, D2B, D20 and IN16B
  • Several improvements to SliceViewer and diffraction fitting, including the reliability the BackToBackExponential function
  • Muon and Frequency Domain Analysis support multiple runs with the co-add option

These are just some of the many improvements in this release, so please take a look at the release notes, which are filled with details of the important changes and improvements in many areas.

Installation packages can be found on our download page which now links to sourceforge to mirror our download files around the world, you can also access the source code on GitHub release page.

A. Menelle, 2021-02-11 14:47:00


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