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Cremlin plus : EU launches new collaboration with Russian neutron research  


The European Commission has launched the successful CREMLIN European project in a considerably enlarged form. Under the name of CREMLINplus (Connecting Russian and European Measures for Large-scale research INfrastructures - plus), the Horizon 2020 project will continue to promote cooperation between large-scale research infrastructures in Russia and the European Union from 2020. The CREMLINplus consortium brings together 35 partners, 10 from Russia and 25 from the EU and associated countries. The European project, officially launched in Hamburg in February, will be coordinated by DESY and will receive a budget of 25 million euros over a four-year period.
The objective of the project is to significantly raise the level of cooperation between the EU and the Russian partners in the field of very large-scale research facilities. The project aims the promotion of scientific and technical cooperation between Russian-European teams on large infrastructures projects, such as the PIK neutron reactor and the development of the procedure of the access to the large-scale  facilities for  European users. Within the framework of the project, research on neutrons will be funded to a level of 4.3 million euros, which will be mainly used for the development of new neutron instruments.

The program in short :

    Acronym :      H2020-INFRASUPP-2018-2020
    Project type :  Research and Innovation Action
    Contract number :   Grant Agreement 871072
    Co-ordinator :     DESY (DE)
    Contact person at LLB : Arsen Goukassov

A. Menelle, 2020-03-09 15:16:00


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