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Les Houches 2nd Workshop "Materials' Deformation"in Les Houches School (Alpes Mountains, France) - February 17 - 22, 2013  

imgimgIRAMIS is partner of the 2nd Workshop "Materials' Deformation:  Fluctuations, Scaling, Predictability" that will be held in "Les Houches School" (Alpes Mountains, France) from February 17 to February 22, 2013. Number of participants limited, the site can host 70 participants only.

The application deadline is December, 1st 2012 : the application form must be send back to deformation.houches.2013@gmail.com.

This workshop follows on from a first edition held in January 2012, that allowed to propose a timely synthesis of several parallel recent developments in the field of materials deformation, in a broad sense, from fluids to solids, from atomic to geophysics scale.

This second edition will focus on solid deformation. Discussed topics will include:

  • Statistical aspects, scaling, and predictability in fracture, friction, plastic yield transition
  • Localization, shear banding and plastic flows in granular, glasses, gels ...
  • Scale coupling, mechanical instabilities, pattern selection in buckling, crumbling, wrinkling problems
  • Theoretical and numerical methods to address multiscale processes, their coupling and their statistical aspects in such problems.
D. Bonamy, 2012-10-08 00:00:00


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