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Alchimer wins SEMICON West 'Best of the West' Award 2008  
Christophe Bureau (Founder & Chairman of the Board of Alchimer S.A, a company issued from IRAMIS-SPCSI) nous informe : imgAlchimer wins SEMICON West 'Best of the West' Award 2008 for its eG ViaCoat electrografted copper seed layer for TSV technology. SEMICON West is a wide microelectronics exhibition in North America. Two "Best of the West" winners were selected from eight finalists by a judging panel made up of journalists, members of the academic community and industry leaders based on their engineering or scientific achievement, financial impact and/or societal contribution. Entrants were from the 1200-strong list of exhibitors representing 23 countries. Alchimer has won for eG ViaCoat, its product for the electrografting of copper seed layers used for the metallization of Through Silicon Vias (TSVs). Alchimer's electrografting innovation uses a wet electrochemical process based on specific organic precursors to enable the initiation and growth of nanometric films on conducting and semiconducting surfaces. The process produces conformal, thin, uniform and adherent copper layers, even on resistive barriers. Further, eG ViaCoat can be used on high aspect ratio TSVs, 10:1 and up.
L. Barbier, 2008-08-18 00:00:00


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