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Stromboli Spectroscopic analysis of eruptive gases and source depth of Strombolian volcanic explosions  
StromboliNews regularly point out all the beauty but also the potential dangers of volcanic eruptions. If one can appreciate the show of these natural phenomena, one also seeks to understand them better in order to protect the neighboring populations and to evaluate their impact on the climate evolution. The spectroscopic analysis of the magmatic gases, by the Laboratoire Pierre Sue (CNRS-CEA, Saclay) and the Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia (INGV, Catane), allowed to recently determined for the first time the depth of origin of strombolian explosions on Stromboli volcano. In addtition to a better forecasting of the volcano activities, this will allow to define a better model of the eruptions and a better quantification of the volcanic gas contributions to the atmosphere and their potential impact on the climate. (More...) Magmatic gas composition reveals the source depth of slug-driven strombolian explosive activity, M. Burton, P. Allard, F. Muré, A. La Spina, Science, 317 (2007) 227
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