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img First steps toward micro-imaging: NMR procedure with a 10-fold increase in sensitivity  
imgimgThe low sensitivity of nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) makes highly difficult the study of very small quantities of matter, but a group of research within DRECAM pushes down its detection limit. By means of miniaturized mobile detectors, the sensitivity for the high resolution NMR signal is increased by a factor 10 for sample volumes less than a few hundreds of nanolitres.More ... D. Sakellariou, G. Le Goff et J.-F. Jacquinot, "High-resolution, high-sensitivity NMR of nanolitre anisotropic samples by coil spinning", Nature 447 (2007) XXX. See also:"News and views" de A.S. Edison & J.R. Long and the "Editor summary".
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