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img Recent results in physico-chemistry with the new laser PLFA  
imgThe very new laser of the "Plateforme Laser Femtoseconde Accordable, PLFA" began to be installed last year within the Service de Photons Atomes et Molécules" (CEA-Saclay ans CNRS). It belongs to the infrastructure l'infrastructure SLIC, member of the European network LASERLAB-EUROPE and is thus accessible to European scientists. It was designed according to several bets: high repetition rate (1 Khz), strong pulse energy (up to 13mJ, at 800nm), broad accordability (500-750nm) and ultra-fast pulses (<35 fs = 35x10-15 s). The very first results obtained with the PLFA laser are just published. More... Femtosecond Dynamics of the tert-Butyl Radical, t-C4H9, B. Noller, R. Maksimenka, I. Fischer, M. Armone, B. Engels, C. Alcaraz, L. Poisson, and J.-M. Mestdagh J. Phys. Chem. A, 111(2007)1771.
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