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Conference: Philosophical and Formal Foundations of Modern Physics

Philosophical and Formal Foundations of Modern Physics

Les Treilles, 23-28 April 2007

Organisation: Alexei Grinbaum, Michel Bitbol

Participants (invitation only):

John Baez, Howard Barnum, Katherine Brading, Jeffrey Bub, Brigitte Falkenburg, Michael Friedman, Lucien Hardy, Patricia Kauark-Leite, Marc Lachieze-Rey, Hermann Nicolai, Paolo Parrini, Jean Petitot, Oliver Pooley, Thomas Ryckman, Matteo Smerlak, Rob Spekkens, Paul Teller, Christopher Timpson



Monday, April 23

7:30 pm   Alexei Grinbaum and Michel Bitbol Introduction and welcoming remarks 

Tuesday, April 24

Morning session. Chair: Jean Petitot

9:30 am  Hermann Nicolai Quantum gravity: an introductory survey

10:30 am  Oliver Pooley Background independence

11:30 am… Coffee break

12 noon  Lucien Hardy The causaloid formalism: a tentative framework for quantum gravity


Afternoon session. Chair: Hermann Nicolai

4 pm John Baez Quantum quandaries: a category-theoretic perspective

5 pm… Coffee break

5:30 pm Marc Lachièze-Rey Geometry and algebra around space-time

Wednesday, April 25

Morning session. Chair: Michael Friedman

9:30 am Brigitte Falkenburg Wave-particle duality: a neglected topic in the philosophical discussion of quantum theory

10:30 am Rob Spekkens Insights into wave-particle duality from an epistemic interpretation of quantum states

11 :30 am… Coffee break

12 noon Jean Petitot Non commutative geometry and theoretical physics


Afternoon session. Chair: Thomas Ryckman

4 pm Paul Teller Provisional knowledge in physics and elsewhere

5 pm   General discussion

Thursday, April 26

Morning session. Chair: Michel Bitbol

9:30 am Michael Friedman Einstein and the relativized a priori

10:30 am Katherine Brading Hilbert, the foundations of physics, and Einstein's general theory of relativity

11:30 am… Coffee break

12 noon Thomas Ryckman Weyl, Cartan and la méthode du repère mobile


Afternoon session. Chair: Brigitte Falkenburg

4 pm Paolo Parrini Epistemological conventionalism beyond the geochronometrical problems

5 pm… Coffee break

5:30 pm Patricia Kauark-Leite Transcendental philosophy and quantum theory

Friday, April 27

Morning session. Chair : Alexei Grinbaum

10:00 am Howard Barnum Toward information-processing characterizations of quantum and classical theory

11:00 am… Coffee break

11:15 am Matteo Smerlak Relational quantum mechanics and EPR

12 noon Christopher Timpson What kind of theory is quantum information theory?


Afternoon : excursion or free time

9:00 am Jeffrey Bub Information and objectivity in quantum mechanics


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