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Waveguides, resonators and antennas of subwavelength dimensions

representation of the optical fields generated by a laser excitation on a gold nanorod of 40nm diameter and 4 ┬Ám length.

On small scales, light-matter interaction is likely to present physical behavior much different from that commonly encountered at the macroscopic scale. Nanophotonics covers this research topic .

Plasmonics, a major part of nanophotonics, deals with sub-wavelength scale interactions of an electromagnetic wave with the conduction electrons of a metal / dielectric interface.
The issues are the control of the light / material interaction by obtaining local field enhancements and the realization of plasmonic waveguides, resonators and optical antennas with in mind innovative applications such as light harvesting for solar cells or thin-film cold light sources.


One key challenge to plasmonics is the access to high resolution optical imaging techniques. To that respect, photoemission electron microscopy (PEEM) offers great opportunities.


Contact : Ludovic Douillard




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