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Quantum mechanics seen through closed timelike curves
June 25-28, 2013

Conference "Quantum mechanics seen through closed timelike curves"

Dates: June 25-28, 2013

Organized by Jeffrey Bub, Eric Cavalcanti and Alexei Grinbaum

Venue: Les Treilles (invitation-only)


June 25

9:30 George Svetlichny "Closed timelike curves seen through quantum mechanics"

11:00 Jeffrey Bub & Allen Stairs "D-CTCs, P-CTCs and Superluminal Signaling"

12:00 Lucas Dunlap "Some Philosophical Considerations about D-CTCs and the Consistency Condition"

16:30 Raymond Lal "Causal structure in categorical quantum mechanics"

18:00 Tony Short "Quantum agents with post-selection"

June 26

9:30 Todd Brun "Quantum information processing with closed timelike curves"

11:00 Timothy Ralph "Quantum Field Modes on Closed Timelike Curves"

12:00 Joel Wallman "CTC consistency conditions and the intepretation of quantum mechanics"

16:30 Julien Degorre "Non-linearity vs quantum correlations"

18:00 Damian Markham "On Non‐Linear Extensions of Quantum Mechanics"

June 27

9:30 John Smolin "Can closed timelike curves or nonlinear quantum mechanics improve quantum state discrimination or help solve hard problems?"

11:00 Eric Cavalcanti "The preparation problem in nonlinear evolution"

12:00 Arun Pati "Nature of density operators in CTC Quantum Theory"

June 28

9:30 Nicolas Gisin "Quantum correlations in Newtonian space and time: arbitrarily fast communication or nonlocality"

11:00 Časlav Brukner "Quantum correlations with indefinite causal order"

12:00 Issam Ibnouhsein "In reconstructions of quantum mechanics, implicit causal structure can be replaced by informational constraints"

16:30 Ernesto Galvão "Closed timelike curves in measurement-based quantum computation"

18:00 Clare Horsman "Causal structures in topological measurement-based quantum computing"

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