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SLIC European Access

SLIC has become a "European Major Research Infrastructure" in 2003 within the FP5 European program. Since 2004, SLIC is a partner of the FP6 LASERLAB-EUROPE I3 (Integrated Initiative of Infrastructures) consortium in which it had a significant implication in the Access activity. In particular, SLIC had 2 participants in the LASERLAB Access Board (including the Chairman position for Didier Normand) whose role was to monitor the whole LASERLAB access activity (3975 days of access from 2004 to 2007).
SLIC had also an individual commitment to provide at least 75 days of Transnational access to European scientists per year. This objective has been more than fulfilled: SLIC has provided 310 days of access, which is 10 days more than the contractual commitment. Twenty scientific projects were carried out involving 51 different users from 19 laboratories. Nearly one third of our visitors were students; this illustrates the educational value of the transnational access activity. To date, 11 papers have been published following European experiments.
The LASERLAB-EUROPE access activity has been continued in 2008, within a specific one year FP7 contract (LASERLAB-Continuation). It should then continue from 2009 to 2012 within an enlarged LASERLAB-EUROPE2 I3 consortium.

European Research Groups are encouraged to apply for access to SLIC Laboratory within its IHP-contract.

Contract period : January , 2004 - December , 2007.

The application form can be found at the LASERLAB-EUROPE web page
Click on "Transnational Access" and then "Submit your Research Proposal"

Do not forget to complete on line the "Users Questionnaire" within two weeks of the end of the period of access, and a "Project Summary Report" and return it to as soon as possible

SLIC Laboratory location

SLIC is located in France near Paris. The mailing address is :
Service des Photons, Atomes et Molécules

Bâtiment 522
91191 Gif-Sur-Yvette Cedex, FRANCE
Phone : (33)
Fax : (33)

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