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Sub-10fs laser pulse generation
Sub-10fs laser pulse generation

Left panel: Wavelength spectra recorded at the outputs of the laser, one-fibre, two-fibre, fibre-filament, and two-filament set-ups. Right panel: Corresponding measured autocorrelations. Dashed curves: Calculated autocorrelations from the measured spectra assuming a constant spectral phase.

We have implemented pulse compression on the Sofockle laser (800 nm, 600 µJ, 40 fs) after testing different schemes to produce a spatially-homogeneous spectral broadening through self-phase modulation in argon. We obtained pulse durations between 8 and 10 fs, energies up to 200 µJ with intensities up to 1016 Wcm-2.

Sub-10fs laser pulse generation

Experimental set-up for the generation of few-cycle laser pulses. The argon cells are in the “two-filament” configuration.

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