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Photophysical properties of 5-methylcytosine
A. Sharonov, T. Gustavsson, S. Marguet , D. Markovitsi, Photochem. Photobiol. Sci. 2003, 2, 1.
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Photophysical properties of 5-methylcytosine

Fluorescence decays recorded at 330 nm for 5m-dC (filled circles) and dC (squares) fitted by bi-exponential functions.

Cytosine methylation, which determines the hot spots for DNA photo-damage, is shown to induce a red-shift of the nucleoside absorption spectrum, making the chromophore more vulnerable to solar radiation, and a tenfold increase of the fluorescence lifetime, making excited state reactions more probable. A femtosecond investigation of the excited state deactivation reveals a quite complex mechanism.

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