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Environmental chemistry and pollution control (Earth science)
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Environmental chemistry and pollution control (Earth science)

Vitreous inclusions trapped in pounces and slags of Stromboli (Wind Islands) (N Metrich, R. Clocchiatti, CNRS-LPS).

This topic shared between the CEA, the CNRS, the 'Institut de Physique du Globe' of Paris and the University Pierre and Marie Curie (Paris VI) called upon environment and Earth sciences with physics and chemistry. Developed research combines tests at the laboratory, ground studies and powerful analysis tools like the neutron activation or the nuclear microprobe. This research relates to mainly magmatology and volcanology which implement two approaches of chemical geodynamics. The first (chronologically) is founded on a compared geochemistry of the elements in traces, with the aim to obtain information on the processes of formation of the rocks and the transformations of the great elements of the planet (coat - crust). Second is founded on the study of the vitreous inclusions trapped in the mineral phases during growth in the magmas.
In addition, the DRECAM regularly used its tools to evaluate the consequences of pollution by heavy elements (anthropic or natural) by analyzing various samples issued from the natural environment (plants, shellfish...).

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