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Core-shell fluorescent and plasmonic nanoparticles using microemulsion assisted photoreduction technique

Project funded through the CEA (France) - IFA (Romania) agreement

October 2012 - September 2014


Partners :

  • Laboratoire de nanophotonique, CEA / saclay (Fabrice Charra)
  • Center for Surface Science and NanoTechnology, Univ. Politehnica Bucarest (Maria Mihaly)

The objective of this project is to develop core-shell fluorescent nanoparticles incorporating plasmon modes using microemulsion assisted photoreduction technique. Two routes can be explored:

a) Hollow nanoparticles encapsulating chromophores: chromophores forming J-aggregates are encapsulated in hollow Au nanoparticles;

b) Nanoparticles coated with a silica layer to which chromophores are covalently bonded: Au NPs represent the core and the silica shell embeds the chromophores.

The main specific scientific objectives which will be addressed during this project are:

1. Design, synthesis and stabilization of Au NPs coupled with J-aggregated dyes that allow enhancement of fluorescence decay rate

2. Optimization of synthesis of ‘bulk’ and hollow Au NPs coupled and combined with J-aggregates

3. Evaluation of optical properties of Au NPs coupled with J-aggregates


Exemple of a planned hybrid luminescent system.

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