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A multifunctional platform for long range ordered nanocrystal networks fabrication

Funding: ANR Blanc - Sciences de l'information, de la matière et de l'ingénierie : Nanosciences

March 2012 - July 2015


Partners :



NANOCRISNET proposes to address a major technological challenge for which there is little or no concrete answer : how to design two-dimensional arrays of inorganic nanocrystals on planar substrate that are
i) organized on a large scale in a controlled and reproducible manner,
ii ) directly integrated into electronic devices ?
The project objective is to design a supramolecular multifunctional platform capable of guiding the assembly of nanocrystals with various properties (optical or magnetic) as arrays of interacting (1D , 2D) or isolated (0D ) particles in order to offer a credible solution for the production of opto-electronic and/or magnetic devices.
This will be addressed by combining different fields of chemistry (supra-molecular, inorganic and physical chemistry) to provide host-guest systems based on a two-dimensional nanoporous organic matrix capable of capturing nanocrystals. The periodicity of the organic network must allow the particles to organize in a regular and spatially controlled way. The nanoporous system engineering permits adjustment of the size and the pitch of the cavities leading to modulation of interparticle interactions and hence of the electromagnetic properties of the film.



Molecular model (left) and scanning tunneling microscopy image (center) of the free molecular matrix, and the same after application of platinum nanoparticle solution (right).

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