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Univ. Paris-Saclay

Sylvain PETIT

Laboratoire Léon Brillouin

LLB-Nouvelles frontières dans les matériaux quantiques

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Researcher in solid state physics, specialist in inelastic neutron scattering experiments
Head of the “New frontiers in quantum materials - NFMQ” team.

Research Topics

Magnetism of insulators, Thin films, CMR manganites, Multiferroics, Spin-phonon coupling and Magneto-elastic coupling, Frustrated magnets,
Low dimensional magnetism, Phase transitions, Liquid spin states, Quantum spin-ice


2021 - Member of the "Objet Interdisciplinaire Matériaux” committee of the Physics Graduate School, Université Paris-Saclay, France
2019 - Senior expert CEA -  LLB/NFMQ  team leader (20 persons)
2018 - Member of the SHARP CRG (TOF spectrometer at ILL),Grenoble,France
2015-2019 Member of the Labex PALM Theme 1: “Correlated matter” committee, Université Paris-Saclay, France
2014-2019 Member of the “platforms” committee of the PHOM department, Université Paris-Saclay, France
2008-2019 Responsible for the triple-axis spectrometer 4F1 at Orphée-LLB reactor, LLB, France
2006 - Researcher at LLB
1998-2006 Researcher at the Centre d’Etudes de Bruyères-le-Chatel (CEA) : "Neutron and charged particles transport in fusion plasmas, transport in heterogeneous media and turbulent mixing".
1997 PhD in Solid State Physics at the university Paris Sud :
"Etude des excitations magnétiques dans le supraconducteur à haute température critique La2-xSrxCuO4 par diffusion inelastique des neutrons"  /  “Spin dynamics in high Tc superconductor La2-xSrxCuO4”.
1994 Master in Solid State Physics
1994 SUPELEC engineer

Thesis supervision / co-supervision

Scientific Publications

Before 2009 :

“Thin films”:

  • A room-temperature multiferroic with giant tetragonality
    H. Béa, B. Dupé, S. Fusil, R. Mattana, E. Jacquet, B. Warot-Fonrose, F. Wilhelm, A. Rogalev, S. Petit, V. Cros, A. Anane, F. Petroff, K. Bouzehouane, G. Geneste, B. Dkhil, S. Lisenkov, L. Bellaiche, M. Bibes and A. Barthélémy, Phys. Rev. Lett. 102, 217603 (2009)
  • Structural distortion and magnetism of BiFeO3 epitaxial thin films : a Raman spectroscopy and neutron diffraction study
    H. Béa, M. Bibes, S. Petit, J. Kreisel, A. Barthelemy, Philos. Mag. Lett., 87, 165 (2007)
  • Mechanisms of exchange bias with multiferroic BiFeO3 epitaxial thin films
    H. Béa, M. Bibes, F. Ott, B. Dupé, X.-H. Zhu, S. Petit S. Fusil, C. Deranlot, K. Bouzehouane, and A. Barthélémy, Phys. Rev. Lett. 100, 017204 (2008)
  • Neutron diffraction study of hexagonal manganite YMnO3, HoMnO3 and ErMnO3 epitaxial films
    I. Gélard, C. Dubourdieu, S. Pailhès, S. Petit, and Ch. Simon, App. Phys Lett. 92, 1 (2008)

“Manganites with giant magneto-resistance":

  • Spin waves and metallic state of magnetoresistive manganites
    S. Petit, M. Hennion, F. Moussa, D. Lamago, A. Ivanov and Y.Mukovskii, J. Phys. Conf. Ser. 200 (2010) 012159
  • Quantized spin waves in the metallic state of magnetoresistive manganites
    S. Petit, M. Hennion, F. Moussa, D. Lamago, A. Ivanov, Y. M. Mukovskii4, D. Shulyatev, Phys. Rev. Lett. 102, 207201 (2009)
  • Intralayer and interlayer exchange tuned by magnetic field in the bilayer manganite (La 0.4Pr0.6 )1.2Sr1.8Mn2O7 probed by inelastic neutron scattering
    F. Moussa, M. Hennion, A. Gukasov, S. Petit, L. P. Regnault, A. Ivanov, R. Suryanarayanan, M. Apostu, and A. Revcolevschi, Phys. Rev. B 78, 060406 (2008)
  • Spin waves in ferromagnetic manganites
    F. Moussa, M. Hennion, P. Kober-Lehouelleur, D. Reznik, S. Petit, H. Moudden, A. Ivanov, Y. Mukovskii, R. Privezentsev, and F. Albenque-Rullier, Phys. Rev. B 76, 064403 (2007)


  • Spin dynamics in the geometrically frustrated multiferroic CuCrO2
    M. Poienar, F. Damay, C. Martin, J. Robert et S. Petit,  Phys. Rev. B 81, 104411, (2010)
  • Spin-lattice coupling, frustration, and magnetic order in multiferroic RMnO3
    X. Fabrèges, S. Petit, I. Mirebeau, S. Pailhès, L. Pinsard, A. Forget, M. T. Fernandez-Diaz, and F. Porcher, Phys. Rev. Lett. 103 067204 (2009)
  • Hybrid Goldstone modes in multiferroics
    S. Pailhès, X. Fabrèges1, L. P. Régnault, L. Pinsard-Godart, I. Mirebeau, F. Moussa, M. Hennion, and S. Petit, Phys. Rev. B 79, 134409 (2009)
  • Magnetic order in YbMnO3 studied by neutron diffraction and Mössbauer spectroscopy
    X. Fabrèges, I. Mirebeau, P. Bonville, S. Petit, G. Lebras-Jasmin, A. Forget, G. André, and S. Pailhès, Phys. Rev. B 78, 214422 (2008)
  • Spin phonon coupling in hexagonal multiferroic YMnO3
    S. Petit, F. Moussa, M. Hennion, S. Pailhès, L. Pinsard-Gaudart and A. Ivanov., Phys. Rev. Lett. 99, 266604 (2007)

"1-D systems":

  • Inelastic neutron scattering investigation of magnetic excitations in the spin-Peierls ground state of (TMTTF)2PF6
    Pascale Foury-Leylekian, Sylvain Petit, Claude Coulon, Bernard Hennion, Alec Moradpour, Jean-Paul Pouget, Physica B 404 (2009) 537–540
  • Incommensurate spin correlation driven by frustration in BiCu2PO6
    O. Mentré, E. Janod, P. Rabu, M. Hennion, F. Leclercq-Hugeux, J. Kang,C. Lee, M.-H. Whangbo, and S. Petit, Phys. Rev. B, 80,180413R (2009)

“Supraconductivity” (PhD):

  • Spin dynamic study of LaSrCuO4 by inelastic neutron scattering
    S. Petit, H. Moudden, B Hennion, A. Vietkin and A Revcholevschi, Physica B, 234-236, 800-802, (1997)
  • Neutron study of the spin dynamics in superconducting LaSrCuO4
    S. Petit, H. Moudden, B Hennion, A. Vietkin and A. Revcholevschi, Physica C, 282, p.1375-1376, (1997)
  • New slow and short range magnetic correlations in superconducting LaSrCuO4
    S. Petit, H. Moudden, B Hennion, A. Vietkin and A. Revcholevschi, Eur. Phys. J. B, 3,163-167 (1997)
  • Hole dynamics in doped cuprates : high Tc superconductivity originated from antiferromagnetics exchange as a direct attractive interaction
    F. Onufrieva, S. Petit, Y. Sidis, Phys. Rev. B 54 (12464), (1996)
  • Hole doped cuprates : from small to large Fermi surface
    F. Onufrieva, S. Petit, Y. Sidis, Physica C, 226, 11, (1996)
  • Key feature for high Tc superconductivity antiferromagnetic exchange as attractive interaction, combined with saddle point singularities close to Fermi level
    F. Onufrieva, S. Petit, Y. Sidis, J. Low. Temp. Phys, 105, 597, (1996)


Teaching activities

  • Lectures on spin waves theory: JDN16, JDN18 and JDN22
  • Summer schools of the Société française de la neutronique, MDANSE: “Molecular dynamics and lattice dynamics to analyse neutron scattering experiments”(Tenerife, Spain 2018),
  • EPFL-ETHZ Summer School on quantum matter (Lausanne, Switzerland 2019),
  • Neutron scattering techniques: European school of magnetism (Targoviste, Roumania 2011), Swedness summerschool (Tartu, Estonia 2017), University Paris  6 (2014-2018) and Bordeaux-I University (2008-2019).

Reviewing activities

  • Since 2019: Member of the scientific advisory board of the LNCMI (Laboratoire National des Champs Magné-tiques Intenses),Grenoble, France
  • Since 2019: Reviewer for Swiss national foundation (SNF), Switzerland
  • Since 2015: Reviewer for the Agence Nationale de la Recherche Scientifique (ANR), France 2008-2013
  • Reviewer for the ILL neutron facility, College 4,Grenoble,France
  • Since 2008: Reviewer for the NIST neutron facility ,USA
  • Since 2008: Reviewer for the LLB-Orphée french neutron facility (today 2FDN), Saclay, France
  • Since 2008: Reviewer for PRL and Nature Physics.

Membership of Scientific Societies


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