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Univ. Paris-Saclay


Laboratoire Interactions, Dynamiques et Lasers

Physique à Haute Intensité

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Permanent researcher at CEA- Saclay


Professional skills

2009-up to now                 CEA-Saclay 

                                                      Permanent researcher in charge of "electron acceleration" thematic in the team "Physique à Haute Intensité"


2000-2008                           CEA-Saclay

                                                      Permanent researcher in charge of " Diagnostics of dense plasmas" thematic in the team 'Physique à Haute Intensité"


1999                                         University of Colchester - Queen's University of Belfast

                                                     Post doctoral position in charge of the study of a "Four Wave sum difference mixing in plasma " scheme for XUV laser generation

                                                      ( VULCAN -  laser - RAL )                          



1998                                                PhD at CEA-Saclay (Supervisor: M. Schmidt)

                                                                      subject:  Intense laser interaction with rare gas clusters - Mention: très honorable avec les félicitations écrites du jury

1995                                                DEA de « Fondements et Applications des Techniques Laser » à l’Université Paris  XIII. Mention assez bien

1994                                                Licence et Maîtrise de Physique mention Physique et applications à l’Université Paris XIII. Mention assez bien.

1992                                                DEUG A mention SSM, option Mathématiques-Physique à l’Université Paris XIII


Most representatives publications


-Space- and time-resolved observation of extreme laser frequency upshifting during ultrafast-ionization”, A. Giulietti, A André, S. Dobosz Dufrénoy et al., Phys. of Plasmas, 20, 82307

-“Internal frequency conversion extreme ultraviolet interferometer using mutual coherence properties of two high-order-harmonic sources”, S. Dobosz et al, .Rev. Scient. Inst. 80, 113102

-“Intense gamma-Ray Source in the Giant-Dipole-Resonance Range Driven by 10-TW Laser Pulses”, A. Giulietti, N. Bourgeois, T. Ceccotti, S. Dobosz  et al, Phys. Rev. Lett. , 101, 105002

-“Probing Hot and Dense Laser-Induced Plasmas with Ultrafast XUV Pulses”, S. Dobosz et al., Phys. Rev. Lett., 95, 025001

-“High-order harmonic generation by nonlinear reflection of an intense high-contrast laser pulse on a plasma”, Monot P., Doumy G., Dobosz S.,et al. Optics Letters 29, 893


Field of interest and competences


- ultra-intense laser-matter interaction

-laser-plasma acceleration - relativistic electron source - betatron radiation

-XUV interferometry

-dense plasmas diagnostics




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