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Laboratoire Interactions, Dynamiques et Lasers

Physique à Haute Intensité

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Fonction / Present position

  • Postdoctoral researcher

Sujets de recherche / Research topics

  •  Laser-plasma interaction at extreme intensities.
  •  Particle-In-Cell simulations and High Performance computing
  • “Structured” plasmas
  • Plasmonics and high field plasmonics
  • High-order harmonic generation with laser-produced plasmas
  • Laser-driven hadron sources (ions and neutrons)
  • Near-critical plasmas and collisionless shocks
  • Development of Particle-In-Cell codes for high performance machines [GitHub account]


Postes / Positions

  • Feb 2019 - now Postdoctoral researcher, PHI group, LYDIL laboratory, CEA-Saclay (France)
    I am currently in charge of developing a new Monte Carlo module to include Quantum Electrodynamics effects in the high performance PICSAR Particle-In-Cell library. This is essential to model Laser-plasma interaction at extreme field intensities, a core activity of the group. [PICSAR repository] [PICSAR project] 
  • Feb 2016- Jan 2019 Postdoctoral researcher, Department of Energy, Politecnico di Milano (Italy)
    I've worked for the ENSURE project, a highly multidisciplinary research initiative led by prof. M.Passoni. Its aim is to study innovative laser-driven ion sources based on nanostructured foam-attached targets, and their possible applications in nuclear and materials science (e.g., as a diagnostic for cultural heritage artifacts). I was mainly in charge of the numerical simulation activities of the team. [ENSURE project webpage]


  • Oct 2012 – Dec 2015  Ph.D. in Physics Università di Pisa (Italy)
    Thesis on “High Field Plasmonics” with Dr A.Macchi (CNR-INO, Italy) and Prof. F.Pegoraro (University of Pisa, Italy). This numerical and experimental work was an  exploration of plasmonic effects at relativistic field intensities (I > 1018 W/cm2). Large scale Particle-In-Cell simulations and dedicated experimental campaigns in state-of-the-art laser facilities were carried out to investigate this previously unexplored research field. [link to Ph.D. thesis]
  • Nov 2010 – Sept 2012   Master’s degree in Physics (110/110 cum laude) Università di of Milano-Bicocca (Italy)
    Thesis on “Laser induced shock waves in cone targets for fast ignition inertial confinement fusion” with Prof. D.Batani (Université Bordeaux 1, France), Prof. J.J.Santos (Université Bordeaux 1, France) and Prof. G.Gorini (Università di Milano-Bicocca, Italy). The data collected during an experiment at LULI2000 laser facility (France) were compared with simulations performed with a radiative hydrodynamics code.
  • Aug 2007 – Oct 2010    Bachelor’s degree in Physics (110/110 cum laude) University of Milano-Bicocca (Italy)
    Thesis on “Characterization of laser pulses for Laser Wakefield Acceleration experiments” with Prof D.Batani (now at Université Bordeaux 1, France).

Publications scientifiques / Scientific publications

For an up-to-date list please follow one of the links below:

ORCID: 0000-0002-7215-4178

Google Scholar Webpage

Researchgate Webpage


  • 2017 Ph.D. Research award from the Plasma Physics Division of the European Physical Society for the “study of surface plasmons, which are excited by intense laser pulses at a vacuum-plasma interface”. Up to four prizes are granted annually in “recognition of truly outstanding research achievements[…]” . [link to EPS website]
  • 2015  Best student paper at SPIE Optics+Optoelectronics, Prague, Czech Republic



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