Irradiation facilities


Three irradiation tools are available at LIONS :
A linear electron accelerator (ALIENOR)
An electron gun coupled to an infrared detection
A gamma (137CS Source)

The linear electron accelerator ALIENOR

ALIENOR generates 10 MeV pulsed electrons. The duration of the pulses can be tuned from 10 ns to 200 ns, with a beam surface of 1 cm2. The dose per pulse is at 10 ns around 20 Gy (1 Gy = 1, and the frequency of the pulses can be changed between single shot to 10 Hz.

ALIENOR belongs to the EMIR&A network

Main applications: time-resolved irradiation, irradiation under high pressure/high temperature conditions, high dose irradiation (maximum 10 MGy), low temperature irradiation, focused irradiation (radiotherapy), equipment testing.
See the initial project description

Alienor pulsed electron source

The ACCIR electron gun coupled to an infrared detection

This original set-up couples a 60 keV electron gun with an infrared spectrometer operating in the mid-infrared region (800-4000 cm-1), enabling performing in situ infrared experiments on irradiated thin films (a few tens of µm thick). The measurements are performed using the infrared reflection absorption spectroscopy approach. Concerning the dose, as an example, 0.5–25 ms electron generate a dose per pulse ranging from 4 to 200 kGy. Combining pulse electrons with rapid scan analysis enables performing experiments with a time resolution of 80 ms (and above).

Image from Rev. Sci. Instrum., 88, 034102 (2017)

The gamma irradiator

Radiation is continuous with a dose rate about 4.5 Gy.min-1. Typical doses that can be obtained range from a few Gy to 25 kGy.

Main applications: calibrated reference source, development of radical probes, dosimetry, aging of organic compounds.

55 TBq of 137Cs, photons of 660 keV.