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Frédéric Gobeaux

Frédéric GOBEAUX

Service Nanoscience et Innovation pour les Matériaux, la Biomédecine et l'Energie (NIMBE), UMR 3685

Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire sur l'Organisation Nanométrique et Supra Moléculaire (LIONS)

tel.jpg +33 1 69 08 55 21

ORCID iD: 0000-0003-4410-2378

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CNRS Research associate / Chargé de recherche au CNRS

Research interests

I am interested in the supramolecular assemblies of biological or biomimetic molecules. For instance, my PhD thesis work was devoted to understanding the physico-chemical conditions that rule type I collagen self-assembly in vitro. We could build biomaterials mimicking biomaterials such as skin or bone, whose main component in vivo is collagen. I have also studied the amyloid-like assembly of short peptides.

More recently, in collaboration with researchers from the Institut Galien and from INSERM, I have focused on the interaction between nanoparticles and proteins in order to better understand the pharmacodynamics of nanodrugs.

Overall, my goals are to understand the kinetics and mechanisms of assembly from the atomic level up to the supramolecular level i.e., from the ångström to the millimeter. This wide range of scales requires combining different techniques of structural characterization: (cryo)transmission electron microscopy, radiation scattering (x-ray and neutron) and vibrational spectroscopies. I also occasionally use microfluidics tools.

These tools led me to expand my fields of interest to mineral systems.

For example, I use SAXS and polarized light microscopy to characterize the nanostructure of lead-based paint mediums. This work is done in collaboration with Laurence de Viguerie from the LAMS who reconstitutes paint formulations from old painters's recipes.

Likewise, cryogenic transmission electron microscopy is also a very useful tool to characterize clay minerals like imogolite nanotubes (with Antoine Thill) and to quench intermediate species during mineral precipitation (projects with Corinne Chevallard and David Carrière).

Lead soap observed between cross-polarizers. Formulation by Lucie Laporte (LAMS)

Keywords: soft matter, self-assembly, liquid crystals, colloidal nanoassemblies, nanoparticles

Mes travaux de recherche s'intéressent principalement à l’étude physico-chimique d’auto-assemblages biologiques ou biomimétiques. Par exemple, au cours de mon travail de thèse j’ai étudié différents aspects des auto-assemblages du collagène de type I, une protéine structurale majeure des tissus conjonctifs chez les vertébrés. J'ai aussi étudié les assemblages peptidiques de type amyloïde.

Mes objectifs sont de contrôler les conditions physico-chimiques et de comprendre les mécanismes d’auto-assemblage depuis le niveau atomique jusqu’au niveau supramoléculaire (de l’angström jusqu’au millimètre). Pour ce faire, je combine différentes techniques de caractérisation : microscopies (optique et électronique), diffusion du rayonnement (SAXS, SANS) et spectroscopies vibrationnelles (infrarouge, dichroïsme circulaire, Raman). Je me suis aussi intéressé au développement d’outils microfluidiques pour la cristallisation des protéines.

Previous positions/Education


 CEA Saclay - iBiTec-S, SB2SM, URA 2096

Institut de Physique de Rennes UMR 6251, Équipe Biophysique

Supervision: Dr. Maïté Paternostre & Dr. Franck Artzner


Brandeis University, Complex Fluids Group (Waltham, MA, USA)
Supervision: Prof. Seth Fraden


Thèse de doctorat de l’Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris 6)

Phases denses de collagène de type I : transition isotrope/cholestérique, firillogenèse et minéralisation

Dirigée par : Dr. Gervaise Mosser Laboratoire de Chimie de la Matière Condensée de Paris (UMR 7574)

                    Dr. Patrick Davidson Laboratoire de Physique du Solide (UMR 8502)

2001-2004 École Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Paris (Chimie ParisTech)



Most manuscripts are available at the HAL depository (since 2014) https://hal.archives-ouvertes.fr/ or upon request (before 2014).

Les manuscrits (2014-présents) sont disponibles sur le serveur HAL https://hal.archives-ouvertes.fr/ ou sur demande (avant 2014).



Taken from Dormont et al. (2019)

"Leu-Enkephalin Lipid Prodrug Nanoparticles: Relationship between Nanoparticles’ Structure, Interaction with Bovine Serum Albumin, and Analgesic Activity" S. Lepetre-Mouelhi, F. Gobeaux*, A. Da Silva, L. Prades, J. Feng, F. Wien, P. Couvreur*, F. Testard Chem. Mater. 2024, 36, 2, 694-707

"Development and Characterization of Innovative Multidrug Nanoformulation for Cardiac Therapy" A. Gendron, S. Domenichini, S. Zanna, F. Gobeaux, C. Piesse, D. Desmaële, M. Varna Materials 2023 16(5) 1812

"Supramolecular organization and biological interaction of the squalenoyl siRNA nanoparticles" M. Caillaud, F. Gobeaux, M. Hémadi, S. Boutary, P. Guenoun, D. Desmaële, P. Couvreur, F. Wien, F. Testard, L. Massaad-Massade International Journal of Pharmaceutics 2021 121117

"New nanoparticle formulation for cyclosporin A: In vitro assessment" A. Gendron, N. Lan Linh Tran, J. Laloy, R. Brusini, A. Rachet, F. Gobeaux, V. Nicolas, P. Chaminade, S. Abreu, D. Desmaële, M. Varna Pharmaceutics 2021 13(1) 91

"Albumin-driven disassembly of lipidic nanoparticles: the specific case of the squalene-adenosine nanodrug" F. Gobeaux*, J. Bizeau, F. Samson, L. Marichal, I. Grillo, F. Wien, S. O. Yesylevsky, C. Ramseyer, M. Rouquette, S. Lepêtre-Mouelhi, D. Desmaële, P. Couvreur, P. Guenoun, J.-P. Renault, F. Testard Nanoscale 2020 12 2793-280910

SOLEIL Highlights 2020 (p. 48)

"Translation of Nanomedicines from Lab to Industrial Scale Synthesis: The Case of Squalene-Adenosine Nanoparticles" F. Dormont, M. Rouquette, C. Mahatsekake, F. Gobeaux, R. Brusini, S. Calet, F. Testard, S. Lepetre-Mouelhi, D. Desmaële, M. Varna, P. Couvreur Journal of Controlled Release 2019 307 302-314

"Towards a clinical application of freeze-dried squalene-based nanomedicines" M. Rouquette, K. Ser-Le Roux, M. Polrot, C. Bourgaux, J.-M. Michel, F. Testard, F. Gobeaux, S. Lepetre-Mouelhi Journal of Drug Targeting 2019 699-708


Structural Analysis of Paint medium

"Multiscale organisation of lead carboxylates in artistic oil binders" L. Laporte, F. Gobeaux, T. Pouget, N. Benoot, J. Foisnon, D. Touboul, G. Ducouret and L. de Viguerie Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 2024 26 2657

"Rheo-SAXS characterization of lead-treated oils: understanding the influence of lead driers on artistic oil paint’s properties" L. Laporte, G. Ducouret, F. Gobeaux, A. Lesaine, C. Hotton, T. Bizien, L. Michot, L. de Viguerie, Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 2023 633 566-574

"Shedding Light on Functional Hybrid Nanocomposites 19th Century Paint Medium" H. Pasco, L. de Viguerie, M. Faustini, P. Walter, C. Gervais, C. Coelho, F. Gobeaux, O. Ersen, D. Ihiawakrim, M. Jaber, C. Sanchez Advanced Functional Materials 2022 2106346

Comment by Kieran O'Brien on Advanced Science News





Biomineralization and mineral precipitation

Transient cerium-rich liquid droplets
observed by cryo-TEM 

"Measurement of Nucleation Rates during Nonclassical Nucleation of Cerium Oxalate: Comparison of Incubation-Quenching and In Situ X-ray Scattering" M. Durelle, F. Gobeaux, T.-K. Truong, S. Charton, D. Carrière Crystal Growth & Design 2023 23, 8, 5631-5640

"Coexistence of Transient Liquid Droplets and Amorphous Solid Particles in Nonclassical Crystallization of Cerium Oxalate" M. Durelle, S. Charton, F. Gobeaux, C. Chevallard, L. Belloni, F. Testard, S. Trépout, D. Carrière J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 2022 (13) 8502−8508

"In vivo Inspired Conditions to Synthesize Biomimetic Hydroxyapatite" N. Nassif, F. Martineau, O. Syzgantseva, F. Gobeaux, M. Willinger, T. Coradin, S. Cassaignon, T. Azais, M.-M. Giraud-Guille Chemistry of Materials 2010 22 (12) 3653-3663

"Self-Assembled Collagen-Apatite Matrix with Bone-like Hierarchy" N. Nassif, F. Gobeaux, J. Seto, E. Belamie, P. Panine, P. Davidson, G. Mosser, P. Fratzl, M.-M. Giraud-Guille Chemistry of Materials 2010 22 (11) 3307–3309








Imogolite Nanotubes Structure and Functionalization (cryo-TEM characterization)


Imogolite suspension
​​​​​observed by cryoTEM

"Evidence and importance of intermediate nanostructures in the journey from molecular precursors to allophane and imogolite nanocrystals" P. Picot, T. Lange, F. Testard, F. Gobeaux, A. Thill Applied Clay Science 2023 241 107013

"UV-Visible photo-reactivity of permanently polarized inorganic nanotubes coupled to gold nanoparticles" S. Patra, F. Testard, F. Gobeaux, L. Sicard, D. Shaming, S. Le Caër, A. Thill Nanoscale 2023 15 4101-4113

"Tailoring structure and surface chemistry of hollow allophane nanospheres for optimization of aggregation by facile methyl modification" P. Du, A. Thill, P. Yuan, S. Wang, D. Liu, F. Gobeaux, L. Deng, Y. Song Applied Surface Science 2020 510 145453

"Dual internal functionalization of imogolite nanotubes as evidenced by optical properties of Nile red" P. Picot, F. Gobeaux, T. Coradin, A. Thill Applied Clay Science 2019 178 105133

"Partial Transformation of Imogolite by Decylphosphonic Acid Yields an Interface Active Composite Material" T. Lange, T. Charpentier, F. Gobeaux, S. Charton, F. Testard, A. Thill Langmuir 2019 35, 11, 4068-4076

"Exploring hybrid imogolite nanotubes formation via Si/Al stoichiometry control" P. Picot, Y. Liao, É. Barruet, F. Gobeaux, T. Coradin, A. Thill Langmuir 2018 34 13225-13234






Amyloid Fibrils Reversible Assembly


Taken from Gobeaux & Wien

SAXS-WAXS monitoring of the reversible amyloid assembly of a peptide hormone analogue upon pH change
F. Gobeaux*, D. Carrière, F. Wien, R. Dattani ChemRxiv 2021

"Reversible Assembly of a Drug Peptide into Amyloid Fibrils: A Dynamic Circular Dichroism Study" F. Gobeaux* & F. Wien Langmuir 2018 34 (24) 7180-7191

"Reversible Morphological Control of Cholecystokinin Tetrapeptide Amyloid Assemblies as a Function of pH" F. Gobeaux*, F. Porcher, R. Dattani The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 2017 121 (14) 3059-3069

Peptide Nanotubes Molecular Control

Lanreotide nanotube suspension
observed by cryo-TEM.

"Atomic Structure of Lanreotide nanotubes revealed by cryo-EM" L. Pieri, F. Wang, A.-A. Arteni, M. Vos, J.-M. Winter, M.-H. Le Du, F. Artzner, F. Gobeaux, P. Legrand, Y. Boulard, S. Bressanelli, E. H. Egelman, and M. Paternostre Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 2022 119 (4) e2120346119

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"Experimental Observation of Double-Walled Peptide Nanotubes and Monodispersity Modeling of the Number of Walls" F. Gobeaux, N. Fay, C. Tarabout, F. Meneau, C. Mériadec, C. Delvaux, J.-C. Cintrat, C. Valéry, F. Artzner, and M. Paternostre Langmuir 2013 29 (8) 2739−2745

"Structural Role of Counterions Adsorbed on Self-Assembled Peptide Nanotubes" F. Gobeaux*, N. Fay, C. Tarabout, M. Ligeti, D. Alexandre-Buisson, J.-C. Cintrat, K.M.H. Nguyen, C. Valéry, F. Artzner & M. Paternostre Journal of the American Chemical Society 2012 134 (1) 723-733

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Collagen self-assembly


Taken from Gobeaux et al. (2007)

“Power law rheology and strain-induced yielding in acidic solutions of type I-collagen” F. Gobeaux, E. Belamie, G. Mosser, P. Davidson, S. Asnacios Soft Matter 2010 6 3769-3777

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Lysozyme crystals nucleated in
water-in-oil emulsion. 

"Elaboration of Materials with Functionality Gradients by Assembly of Chitosan-Collagen Microspheres Produced by Microfluidics" D. Azria, R. Guermache, S. Raisin, S. Blanquer, F. Gobeaux, M. Morille, E. Belamie Journal of Renewable Materials 2018 6 (3) 314-324

"Mapping and Manipulating Temperature-Concentration Phase Diagrams Using Microfluidics" S. Selimovic, F. Gobeaux, S. Fraden Lab on a Chip 2010 10 (13) 1696-1699






Protat et al. (2016)

pH and ionic strength triggering destabilization of biocompatible stable W/O/W emulsions”  M. Protat, N. Bodin-Thomazo, F. Gobeaux, F. Malloggi, J. Daillant, N. Pantoustier, P. Guenoun, P. Perrin Journal of Colloids and Interface Science Open 2022 5 100039

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