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Nanosciences pour l'Innovation, les Matériaux, la Biomèdecine et l'Energie (NIMBE) - UMR 3685 CEA-CNRS
Laboratoire Interdiscplinaire sur l'Organisation Nanométrique et Supra Moléculaire (LIONS)

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Permanent CEA researcher

Research interests

Biomineralization: development of experimental model systems of biomineral formation

Self-assembled peptide films (amyloid)


2015 HDR : "Systèmes modèles de la biominéralisation carbonatée"
2003 -   Permanent researcher at the LIONS laboratory, CEA (DRF)

Postdoctoral researcher at the Curie's Institute (Laboratoire Physico-chimie Curie) with C. Sykes
Topic:  Actin network and cell motility


Marie Curie fellowship at the Weizmann Institute of Science (Israel) in V. Steinberg's group  
(Department of Physics of Complex Systems)
Topic: Polymeric dynamics in turbulent flows


PhD (Physics) - University of Nice / Sophia-Antipolis
Topic: Liquid crystal dynamics in confined geometries

1995 DEA "Physique des Liquides", University Paris VI
1994 Agrégation in Physics
1991-1995 Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyo

Scientific Publications

Recent publications within the HAL-CEA data base.


♦ Unusual Micrometric Calcite - Aragonite Interface in the Abalone Shell Haliotis (Mollusca, Gastropoda)
Y. Dauphin, J.-P. Cuif, H. Castillo-Michel, C. Chevallard, B. Farre, A. Meibom, accepted by Microscopy and microanalysis.

♦ CaCO3 Nanostructured Crystals Induced by Nacreous Organic Extracts
Y.-H. Tseng, C. Chevallard, Y. Dauphin, P. Guenoun, accepted by CrystEngComm.

♦ Preservation state of crossed-foliated layers from fossil limpet shells (El Harhoura 2 cave, Témara, Morocco)
J. Nouet, C. Chevallard, B. Farre, G. Nehrke, E. Stoetzeld, M. A. El Hajraouie, R. Nespoulet, submitted to PalPalPal.

♦ In situ distribution and characterization of the organic content of the oyster shell Crassostrea gigas (Mollusca, Bivalvia),
Y. Dauphin, A. D. Ball, H. Castillo-Michel, C. Chevallard, J.-P. Cuif, B. Farre, S. Pouvreau, M. Salomé, Micron (2013), 44, 373–383.


♦ CaCO3 mineralization under β-sheet conformed peptide monolayers
N. Chevalier, C. Chevallard, M. Goldmann, G. Brezesinski and P. Guenoun, Cryst. Growth Des. (2012), 12, 2299-2305.

♦ Microfluidics vesicle trapping with size control and high-speed exchange of the vesicle external phase
H. Nuss, C. Chevallard, P. Guenoun, F. Malloggi, Lab on a Chip (2012), 12, 5257–5261.


♦ Polymer vesicles as microreactors for bio-inspired calcium carbonate precipitation
A. Picker, H. Nuss, P. Guenoun, C. Chevallard, Langmuir (2011),  27, 3213-3218.

♦ Long Range Nano Scale Organization of Semi Fluorinated Alkane Monolayers at the Air Water Interface
L. Bardin, M.-C. Fauré, D. Limagne, C. Chevallard, O. Konovalov, E. Filipe, M.- P. Krafft, M. Goldmann, P. Fontaine, Langmuir (2011), 27, 13497-13505.

♦ A microreactor to image crystallization kinetics by X-ray microscopy
A. Vecchiola, M. Moskura, P. Haltebourg, P. Guenoun, J. Daillant, A. Madouri, A. Gianoncelli, B. Kaulich, C. Gosse, C. Chevallard. MicroTAS 2011, Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences, pp. 1305-1307

2010 and before...

Monovalent Cations Trigger Inverted Bilayer Formation of Surfactant Films
N. Chevalier, C. Chevallard, P. Guenoun, Langmuir (2010), 26, 15824-15829.

Crystalline Calcium Carbonate Thin Film Formation through Interfacial Growth and Crystallization of Amorphous Microdomains
J. Pecher, P.Guenoun, and C.Chevallard, Cryst. Growth Des. (2009), 9, 1306-1311.

Crystalline Amyloid Structures at Interfaces
M. Lepère, C. Chevallard, G. Brezesinski, M. Goldmann, and P. Guenoun, Angwandte Chemie Int. Ed. (2009), 48, 1-6.

Comparative IR and X-ray studies of natural and model amyloid peptides at the air/water interface
M. Lepère, A. H. Muenter, C. Chevallard, P. Guenoun, and G. Brezesinski, Colloids and Surfaces A : Physicochem. Eng. Aspects (2007), 303, 73-78.

Multiscale Surface Self-Assembly of an Amyloid-like Peptide
M. Lepère, C. Chevallard, J.-F. Hernandez, A. Mitraki, and P. Guenoun, Langmuir (2007), 23, 8150-8155.

Les Matériaux biomimétiques
C. Chevallard & P. Guenoun, Bulletin de la SFP (2006), 155, 5-10.

Single-polymer dynamics: Coil-stretch transition in a random flow
S. Geraschenko, C. Chevallard, and V. Steinberg, Europhys. Lett. (2005), 71(2), 221-227.

Fluorescent Ultrahigh-Molecular-Weight Polyacrylamide Probes for Dynamic Flow Systems: Synthesis, Conformational Behavior and Imaging
Y. Wang, A. Warshawsky, C. Wang, N. Kahana, C. Chevallard, V. Steinberg, Macromol. Chem. Phys. (2002), 203, 1833-1843.

Zig-zag instability of an Ising wall in liquid crystals
C. Chevallard, M. Clerc, P. Coullet, and J.-M. Gilli, Europhys. Lett. (2002), 58(5), 686-692.

Zig-zag et instabilité hydrodynamique dans une paroi d’Ising
T. Nagaya, J.-M. Gilli, and C. Chevallard, Comptes-rendus des Rencontres du Non-Linéaire, Paris Onze Editions, 117-122.

Inhomogeneous Fréedericksz transition in nematic liquid crystals
C. Chevallard, and M. G. Clerc, Phys. Rev. E (2001), 65, 011708-1/8.

Ising wall instability in a nematic liquid crystal
C. Chevallard, M. Nobili, and J.-M. Gilli, Liquid Crystals (2001), 28(2), 179-189.

Interface dynamics in liquid crystals
C. Chevallard, M. Clerc, P. Coullet, and J.-M. Gilli, Eur. Phys. J. E (2000), 1, 179-188.

Flow Alignment in Smectic Liquid Crystal
C. Chevallard, T. Frisch, and J.-M. Gilli, J. Phys. II France (1997), 7, 1261-1272.

Spiral waves in nematic liquid crystals: Experimental analysis of selection rules
A. Vierheilig, C. Chevallard, and J.-M. Gilli, Phys. Rev. E (1997), 55(6), 7128-7136.

Instabilité zig-zag d’une paroi d’Ising dans les cristaux liquides
C. Chevallard, M. Clerc, P. Coullet, and J.-M. Gilli, Comptes-rendus des Rencontres du Non-Linéaire, Paris Onze Editions, 203-208.

"Magic Spiral" Submitted to a Torque: Topological Flows Driven by Ericksen Stresses in Sm C Films, C. Chevallard,  J. -M. Gilli,  T. Frisch,  I. V. Chikina, P. Pieranski,  Mol. Cryst. Liq. Cryst. (1999), 328, 595-611.

Cladis' Orbiting Disclinations in Smectic Films Submitted to a Torque
. Chevallard,  J. -M. Gilli,  T. Frisch,  I. V. Chikina, P. Pieranski,  Mol. Cryst. Liq. Cryst. (1999), 328, 589-594.

Critical radius of loop defects in homeotropic nematic liquid crystals
S. Thiberge, C. Chevallard, and J.-M. Gilli, Liquid Crystals (1999), 26(8), 1225-1234.




2003 Method of local rheological measurements by fluorescent microscopy and new fluorescent probe for polyacrylamide polymer molecules, Weizmann Institute of Science, U.S. Application Number 10/502,591




1995-1996    University of Nice - CAPES in Physics and Chemistry (IUFM) 


Professional activities

2006 - 2009 :   Member of the organization commitee of the GDR2478: Membrane proteins in amphiphilic environments.
Organization of the workshop "Crystallization of membrane proteins" in Carry-le-Rouet (26-29 Nov. 2007)
2009 - 2012: 

Member of the organization commitee of the GDR3334:
"Supramolecular assemblies and membrane proteins in amphiphilic environments".



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