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Bruno Jousselme


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Laboratoire Innovation, Chimie des Surfaces Et Nanosciences

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Functions and Education

Since 2013

Expert for the Observatory for Micro and NanoTechnologies (OMNT) – Topic: Molecular electronics.


Habilitation à diriger des recherches, University of Versailles, France

Since Nov. 2006

Senior Scientist at the Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies Commission, CEA Saclay, France.



2002- 2004

Postdoctoral Fellow at the Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies Commission, CEA Grenoble, France. Supervisors: Dr. Bidan Gérard. Subject: development of optoelectronic devices based on carbon nanotubes for organic solar cells and molecular electronics applications

Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of California Los Angeles, UCLA, USA. Supervisor: Dr. Wudl Fred, coll. Mitsubishi Chemicals Inc. Subject: Synthesis of novel C60 derivatives for fuel cell membranes




PhD in Organic Chemistry, with honors and jury congratulations, at University of Angers (FR) under the supervision of Dr. Jean Roncali.

Thesis title: Synthesis of linear π-conjugated systems: From material electrodes to nano-systems. Sigma Aldrich’s Ph.D Price discerned by French Chemical Society-SFC



Master of Science, with honors, at University of Nantes, France. Rank: 1st/49 students, Major in Fine Chemistry

B.Sc. in Science at University of Nice, France, Major in organic Chemistry.


Research Topics

- Functionalization process of carbon nanotubes with bio-inspired catalysts for hydrogen production and uptake.

- From Hydrogenases to Noble Metal-Free Catalytic Nanomaterials for H2 Production and Uptake
A. Le Goff, V. Artero*, B. Jousselme, P.D. Tran, N. Guillet, R. Metaye, A. Fihri, S. Palacin*, M. Fontecave, Science 2009, 326, 1384-1387.

- Novel materials and their use for the electrocatalytic evolution or uptake of H2
V. Artero, M. Fontecave, S. Palacin, A. Le Goff, B. Jousselme, . EP 08 290 988.8 A1, WO  2010046774  A1.

- Facile and tunable functionalization of carbon nanotube electrodes with ferrocene by covalent coupling and pi-stacking interactions and their relevance to glucose bio-sensing,
A. Le Goff, F. Moggia, N. Debou, P. Jegou, V. Artero, M. Fontecave, B. Jousselme*, S. Palacin.  J. Electroanal. Chem. 2010, 641, 57-63.

- Immobilization of FeFe hydrogenase mimics onto carbon and gold electrodes by controlled aryldiazonium salt reduction: An electrochemical, XPS and ATR-IR study,
A. Le Goff, V. Artero*, R. Metaye, F. Moggia, B. Jousselme*, M. Razavet, P.D. Tran, S. Palacin, M. Fontecave.  Int. J. Hydrogen Energy 2010, 35, 10790-10796.

IMAGE 1.jpg

- Noncovalent Modification of Carbon Nanotubes with Pyrene-Functionalized Nickel Complexes: Carbon Monoxide Tolerant Catalysts for Hydrogen Evolution and Uptake,
P.D. Tran, A. Le Goff, J. Heidkamp, B. Jousselme*, N. Guillet, S. Palacin, H. Dau, M. Fontecave, V. Artero*.  Angew. Chem., Int. Ed. 2011, 50, 1371-1374.

- Molecular engineering of a cobalt-based electrocatalytic nanomaterial for H2 evolution under fully aqueous conditions,
E.S. Andreiadis, P.A. Jacques, P.D. Tran, A. Leyris, M. Chavarot-Kerlidou, B. Jousselme, M. Matheron, J. Pecaut, S. Palacin, M. Fontecave, V. Artero.*  Nature Chemistry 2013, 5, 48-53.


- Non noble metals and metal-free catalysts for Oxygen Reduction Reaction to replace platinum catalyst.

- Low-platinum and platinum-free catalysts for the oxygen reduction reaction at fuel cell cathodes,
A. Morozan, B. Jousselme, S. Palacin*,  Energy Environ. Sci. 2011, 4, 1238-1254.

- Catalytic activity of cobalt and iron phthalocyanines or porphyrins supported on different carbon nanotubes towards oxygen reduction reaction,
A. Morozan, S. Campidelli, A. Filoramo, B. Jousselme*, S. Palacin.  Carbon 2011, 49, 4839-4847.

- Electrochemical performance of annealed cobalt-benzotriazole/CNTs catalysts towards the oxygen reduction reaction,
A. Morozan, P. Jegou, B. Jousselme*, S. Palacin.  Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 2011, 13, 21600-21607.

IMAGE 2.jpg

- Metal-free nitrogen-containing carbon nanotubes prepared from triazole and tetrazole derivatives show high electrocatalytic activity towards the oxygen reduction reaction in alkaline media,
A. Morozan, P. Jegou, M. Pinault, S. Campidelli, B. Jousselme*, S. Palacin. Chemsuschem 2012, 5, 647-651.

- A. Morozan, B. Jousselme, Method for preparing metal-free nitrogen-containing carbon nanotubes, WO2013005187 A1.

- Relationship between polypyrrole morphology and electrochemical activity towards oxygen reduction reaction,
A. Morozan, P. Jegou, S. Campidelli, S. Palacin, B. Jousselme*. Chem. Commun. 2012, 48, 4627-4629.

- Carbon nanotube-templated synthesis of covalent porphyrin network for oxygen reduction reaction,
I. Hijazi, T. Bourgeteau, R. Cornut, A. Morozan, A. Filoramo, J. Leroy, V. Derycke, B. Jousselme, S. Campidelli*.  J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2014, 136, 6348-6354.

IMAGE 4.jpg


- Photoactive devices.

- Elaboration of P3HT/CNT/PCBM composites for organic photovoltaic cells
S. Berson, R. de Bettignies, S. Bailly, S. Guillerez, B. Jousselme*. Adv. Funct. Mater. 2007, 17, 3363-3370.

- A H2 evolving photocathode based on direct sensitization of MoS3 with an organic photovoltaic cell,
T. Bourgeteau, D. Tondelier, B. Geffroy, R. Brisse, C. Laberty-Robert, S. Campidelli, R. de Bettignies, V. Artero, S. Palacin, B. Jousselme*.  Energy Environ. Sci. 2013, 6, 2706-2713.


- Electrografted organic thin films for organic or molecular electronics.

- B. Jousselme, G. Bidan, M. Billon, C. Goyer, Y. Kervella, S. Guillerez, E. Abou Hamad, C. Goze-Bac, J.Y. Mevellec, S. Lefrant. J. Electroanal. Chem. 2008, 621, 277-285.

- X. Lefevre, O. Segut, P. Jegou, S. Palacin, B. Jousselme*, Chemical Science 2012, 3, 1662-1671.

-  J. Azevedo, L. Fillaud, C. Bourdillon, J.-M. Noël, F. Kanoufi, B. Jousselme, V. Derycke, S. Campidelli, R. Cornut*. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2014, 136, 4833–4836.

Teaching Activities




Lecturer, Lessons on Surface functionalization, University of Grenoble, France.

Lecturer, Tutorials in Organic Chemistry. University of Valence, France.

Lecturer, Atomistic Chemistry, Organic chemistry. University of Angers, France.


Scientific meetings

Organisation of scientific meeting:

ElecMoL, 7th International Conference on Molecular Electronics, Strasbourg, France, August 24-29th 2014.

ElecMoL’12, 6th International Conference on Molecular Electronics, Grenoble, France, December 3-7th 2012.

ElecMoL’10, 5th International Conference on Molecular Electronics, Grenoble, France, December 4-10th 2010.


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