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Linda Malaquin

Service de Chimie Moleculaire

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    Ph-D Student until November 2009, under a joined supervision programme between the Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire sur l’Organisation Nanomtrique et Supramolculaire (LIONS) of the CEA of Saclay, and the Institut Charles Sadron (ICS) of Strasbourg.


Ph-D topic

 Interaction and destabilization of supported lipidic membranes

    Within the framework of this PhD, I am interested in the fundamental properties of a model system: a supported lipidic double bilayer. The goal is to understand the modifications of the properties of the system nearby a surface, and to study the destabilization of double bilayer by an alternative electric field.

   The understanding of this mecanism could have severals interests : in physics to explain the first steps of the empirical technique of electroformation, and in biology to understand the endo/exocytose phenomena.

    In that purpose I am using specular and off-specular x-rays reflectivity. Thanks to the specular reflectivity, the average structure of the system in the normal direction of the substrate can be determined; whereas the off-specular reflectivity gives access to the elastic properties of the bilayer (bending rigidity κ and surface tension γ), and to the microscopic potential per unit surface between bilayers and between bilayer and substrate.

    When the alternative electric field is applied, we can observe fluctuations of the bilayers. But this phenomenon remains badly understood. Indeed if the frequency of the field decreases, the amplitude of the fluctuations of the floating bilayer increases gradually. But we don't know yet if the floating bilayer could be completly destabilized or if the destabilization is reversible.

Research experiences 

    2006-2009 : Ph-D in soft matter under the joined supervision of Dr. J. Daillant (LIONS,CEA Saclay) and Dr. T. Charitat (ICS, University L. Pasteur Strasbourg). Elaboration of lipidic double bilayer and study of its fluctuations under an electric field by specular and off-specular X-rays and neutrons reflectivity.

    2006 : Internship of 2 months under the supervision of Dr. D. Lairez (LLB, CEA Saclay). Study of the diffusion of polymers through nanoporous membranes by confocal microscopy. Caracterisation of the membranes by small angle neutron scattering.

    2005 : Internship of 3 months under the supervision of Dr. R. Grynszpan in the Centre d’Expertise Parisien (DGA). Study of the behavior of helium after ionic implantation in zirconia using nuclear probes.

   2004 : Internship of 2 months under the supervision of Dr. J. Duprat in the CSNSM, University of Orsay. Selection in clean room of Antarctic micro-meteorites and analyzes by scanning electron microscopy.



    2006-2009 : Ph-D in soft matter, University Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg.

    2003-2006 : Magistère de physique fondamentale, University Paris XI Orsay. 3rd year specialization in condensed matter (DEA of solid physics).



   Research skills

        – Theory :

                – Condensed matter and soft matter structure
                – Physics of biological objects
                – Statistical physics of phase transition
                – Electromagnetism and optics
                – Thermodynamics and fluid mecanics

        – Experiments :

                – Scanning electron microscopy
                – Van de Graff
                – Confocal microscopy (Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy, Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching)
                – Specular and off-specular X-rays and neutrons reflectivity


                – Programmation : Fortran, Python, C, C++
                – Mathematical software : Mathematica, Maple, Kaleidagraph, Igor.
                – Scientific software : Lab View.


                – French : mother tongue.
                – English : good working knowledge (TOEIC : 745).
                – Spanish : good working knowledge.


Personal interests

    – Mountain sports : trail, trekking, climbing, moutaineering.
    – Other sports : running.
    – Travelling.

Publications and communications

     2007 : Poster for the 2007 Franco-Israeli Trends

Interaction and destabilization of supported lipidic membranes, L. Malaquin, J. Daillant, T. Charitat, S. Lecuyer, G. Fragneto, F. Graner.

     2007 : Publication related to my internship of 2005

R.I. Grynszpan, G. Brauer, W. Anwand, L. Malaquin, S. Saudé, I. Vickridge and E. Briand,
Radiation damage in zirconia investigated by positively charged particles, 
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms
Volume 261, Issues 1-2August 2007, p888-891


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