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Univ. Paris-Saclay
On-chip micro/nanorobotic swimmers: fabrications, characterizations and applications
Gilgueng Hwang (C2N, Marcoussis)
Mardi 24/01/2017, 11:00-12:00
NIMBE Bât 546, p.21, CEA-Saclay

Micro/nanorobotic swimmers can serve as alternative microfluidic tools toward biologic or biomedical applications. We aim to develop highly energy efficient and fully controllable on-chip micro/nanorobotic swimmers with remote controlled functions such as cargo transport and sensing. In this talk, I will introduce our recently developed micro/nanorobotic swimmers with their fabrications by two-photon laser 3D nanolithography, mechanical property characterizations by in-situ scanning electron microscope nanomanipulation, and their microfluidic applications. Two applications to simulate their future in-vivo and lab-on-a-chip applications are demonstrated. First, the micro/nanorobotic swimmer serves as mobile micromanipulator inside microfluidic device to transpose microscale objects. Second, we demonstrate their physical sensing applications inside microfluidic control platform.

Contact : Corinne CHEVALLARD


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