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Univ. Paris-Saclay
Mag2Pol online courses
Navid Qureshi
Institut Laue Langevin
Lundi 31/10/2022, 14:00-17:01

Mag2Pol online courses

Session 1: General use and powder data analysis

Monday, 10th October, 14:00


  • Basic features of the software
  • Setting up a (magnetic) structure model
  • Drawing bonds/polyhedra and exporting high-quality graphics
  • Generation of reflection lists, powder patterns and intensity maps
  • Setting up multiple phases
  • Treatment of powder patterns and Rietveld refinement 
  • Batch refinement

Session 2: Magnetic structures and single-crystal data analysis 

Monday, 17th October, 14:00


  • Describing magnetic structures using irreducible representations, magnetic space groups or magnetic superspace groups
  • Magnetic domains and structural twins
  • Modelling a single-crystal sample for absorption correction
  • Orientation matrix and 3D visualisation of a single-crystal sample in reflection condition
  • Refinement of single and multiple single-crystal data sets
  • Co-refinement of single-crystal and powder data

Session 3: Polarised neutron techniques

Monday, 24th October, 14:00 


  • Polarised neutron options
  • Calculation of flipping ratios and polarisation matrices
  • Simulation of magnetisation density maps
  • Multipole expansion and other magnetic form factor models
  • Correcting polarimetry data for spin-filter efficiency
  • Refinement of polarimetry data and co-refinement with integrated intensities

Session 4: (to be confirmed)

Monday, 31st October, 14:00 


Contact : Alain MENELLE



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